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    Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s Prairie Provinces. Its nearly 600,000 square miles is home to only just over 1 million residents, most of who live in the southern half of the province. The two largest cities in Saskatchewan are Saskatoon and its provincial capital Regina. Saskatchewan’s primary economic activity is agriculture. The province has a relatively high population of Aboriginal peoples.

    South of Saskatchewan are the U.S. states of Montana and North Dakota. To the west of Saskatchewan is the province of Alberta, and, to the east, the province of Manitoba.

    According to a study recently published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry and conducted by researchers at the Canadian Center for Addiction and Mental Health, about 14% of the residents of Saskatchewan have a problem with addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is the highest rate of drug and alcohol addiction in the country.

    To help combat drug and alcohol abuse and addiction problems in the province, the government of Saskatchewan has instituted the Drug Treatments Courts. These courts are open to adults who have been accused of a crime, who are dependent on drugs or alcohol, and whose criminal behavior is the result of their dependency on drugs or alcohol. To participate in the program, volunteers must submit to regular drug testing and enter an individualized day program that targets their drug and alcohol addiction problems.

    All across the great province of Ontario, home to Canada’s largest city, as well as our nation’s capital, tens of thousands struggle every day with an addiction to alcohol. Despite Ontario’s prosperity, beauty and remarkable culture, alcoholism runs rampant throughout communities from all across the province. Alcohol addiction does not discriminate based on socio-economic background, race, gender, religion or location. It affects the young, the elderly and everyone in between. Sobriety.ca Foundation helps those affected by alcoholism return to their lives free of addiction, and guides them towards a healthier lifestyle through our custom tailored programs that incorporate both traditional tools and new ways of thinking.

    At Sobriety.ca Foundation we welcome patients from all across Canada, but those coming from Ontario always offer something special to our little family. From fast paced Torontonians, to those who enjoy the gorgeous wilderness of Ontario’s north, residents of Canada’s most populous province come in all different forms. Their unique challenges when it comes to treating alcohol addiction don’t affect our steadfast approach to finding what works for them. We offer cognitive based therapy, as well outstanding healthy meals prepared with local ingredients, as well as holistic alternatives and spirituality driven techniques in order to treat not only one’s addiction to alcohol, but them as an individual. Alcoholism, unfortunately, affects people in a very personal way, and knowing this Sobriety.ca Foundation’s professional team will work directly with every client to find what works for them.

    If you, or someone you know, are looking to make a change in the way life has been going, Sobriety Home is here to help. Recovery in Ontario may not be what you’re looking for, and Sobriety.ca Foundation’s residential treatment centre is located just across the provincial border a short drive from Ottawa! While Ontario offers fantastic, first rate treatment options, many people choose to seek treatment away from their daily lives in order to focus on their recovery. Our welcoming staff can ensure that you thrive during your time with us, protect your anonymity rigorously, and provide a safe environment where recovery is the only priority.

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    Treatment Addiction Services For Ontario

    La Maison Arc-en Ciel

    260 chemin du gouvernement
    Opasatika, Ontario
    P0L 1Z0
    Phone: (705) 369-4582
    Web: www.maisonarcenciel.ca

    Located in the region of Opasatika in the coutryside, La Maison Arc-en-Ciel has existed since 1979. Project of the Diocese of Hearst, it is modeled after L’Arche Jean Vanier. La Maison Arc-en-Ciel operated in its infancy, with the support of volunteers and donation from the Diocese of Hearst and the private sector. To enable young Northerners to stop, restore order in their lives and work towards their full potential, a team of four with Rémi Lessard,Rémi Poirier, Ghislain Plourde and Sabrina Zorzetto established a life experience with community support in a life centered on human dignity.

    Cornwall Community Hospital St. Denis Centre

    339 2nd St. E
    Cornwall, Ontario
    K6H 1Y8
    Phone: (613) 933 0418
    Intake :Francine Fitzsimmons – Manager
    Phone:613-361-6363 ext 8120
    Email: * francine.fitzsimmons@cornwallhospital.ca
    Carole Harvey – Intake
    Phone: 613-361-6363 ext 8719
    Email:* carole.harvey@cornwallhospital.ca

    Residential addictions treatment centre * four to six month supportive treatment program for men aged 18 and over * 24-hour support staff and an in-house addiction worker offering individualized treatment planning and delivery, group counselling and referral * programming includes life skills, recreation, recovery enhancement, and relapse prevention

    The Ottawa Mission

    35 Waller Street
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1N 7G4
    Phone: (613) 234-2813
    Email: mission@ottawamission.com

    The Ottawa Mission provides addiction treatment and trauma services to men in the community in need of support. Our programs aim to meet clients’ where they’re at – whether they want support stabilizing their lives, are seeking residential treatment, or require additional support after treatment; we provide them with the tools they need to build a better life.

    St. Michael’s Homes Residential Treatment Program

    277 Rusholme Rd.
    Toronto, ON
    M6H 2Y9
    Phone: (416) 926-8267
    E-Mail: info@stmichaelshomes.org

    St. Michael’s Homes (our name was amended in 2005) provides two programs within our rehabilitative homes to serve a total of 75 individuals in our residential settings. Our founding philosophy and mission continue to inspire and direct us today in our desire to offer aid to vulnerable persons seeking an improved quality of life beyond their addictions to alcohol and drugs.

    The Salvation Army Homestead – Downtown Location

    160 Jarvis St.
    Toronto, ON
    M5B 2E1
    Phone: (416) 921-0953
    Fax: (416) 921-4430
    E-Mail: information@salvationarmyhomestead.org

    The Salvation Army Homestead exists to serve women who want to experience recovery from substance use. Our mission is to provide effective treatment and support so that women can heal in body, mind and spirit.

    Alcoholics Anonymous in Ontario

    Alcoholics Anonymous has been around since 1935, originally formed in Ohio when two affluent men from New York wrote a book on how to help those in recovery from alcohol addiction. Both had experience with alcoholism in their lifetime and felt they had some insight into taking steps to prevent the harm that alcoholism often causes. For over 88 years A.A. has been creating success stories with their famous 12 step program.

    Young Sober & Free

    Open Meeting
    Friday 8:00 pm

    St-George’s Anglican
    227 Wharncliffe Road North
    London, Ontario
    N6H 2B6

    Triangle Group

    Open Meeting
    Thursday 8:00 pm

    St Francis – St. Matins Catholic Church
    46 Cathcart Street
    London, Ontario
    N6C 3L7

    Freedom Group

    Closed Meeting
    Sunday 11:00 pm

    Peterborough Lion’s Club Community Centre
    347 Burnham Street
    Peterborough, Ontario
    K9H 1T5

    Sobriety.ca Foundation Offers Drug Addiction Treatment To Those From the Great Province of Saskatchewan

    It’s hard to look past the beauty of a province like Saskatchewan. The picturesque fields, the diverse cities and of course the kind people who are proud to call Saskatchewan home. It is a province of great opportunity and success, and more and more Canadians are both visiting and setting up new lives within Saskatchewan’s rich and historic lands. With the growing economy and influx of people looking to make Saskatchewan home, there comes with that the issue of how to help those who succumb to substance abuse. How do we help them? Who can offer them a fighting chance to recover and lead prosperous lives? While there is no easy answer, Sobriety Home Foundation offers fantastic treatment programs for those from Saskatchewan and Canadians alike. Our way of doing things is a bit different, but the results speak for themselves, and given we are located a short drive from Ottawa, we offer a safe and friendly space for residents of Saskatchewan to focus on regaining their way of life.

    Dealing with an addiction to drugs is not easy, as every single one of us is so much different than the other. People from Saskatchewan are truly remarkable, but unfortunately many find themselves in the grip of addiction. At Sobriety.ca Foundation we understand addiction is not a moral failing, and that it affects us all in a unique way. Someone’s treacherous journey through addiction is a personal and often humiliating experience, and the team at Sobriety.ca Foundation knows it. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain not only an excellent standard of care, but total privacy and confidentiality.

    From traditional cognitive based therapy, to yoga and meditation, we try our best to incorporate a variety of lifestyles and approaches into our treatment programs which we devise on an individual basis. We offer detox services, individual and group counselling, holistic practices, spiritual services and ongoing support to our clients when they have succeeded in treatment and are ready to return to their lives back home. If you, or someone very close to you is suffering, don’t hesitate to call us. Our team is prepared to do what is needed to help you or someone you love recover from a drug addiction, as well as prepare you or the person you care about for a brilliant new life free of drugs.

    Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Recovery, & Rehabilitation Information for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan, with a population of just over 200,000. Both poverty and drug and alcohol abuse are problems in Saskatoon. A study recently published in the journal Pediatric Child Health and conducted by experts out of Saskatoon may help explain why. They demonstrated that poverty is a major risk factor for drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana among Aboriginal youth. In fact, eliminating poverty as a risk factor made Aboriginal youths as likely as Caucasians youths to use alcohol and marijuana.

    Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Recovery, & Rehabilitation Information for Regina, Saskatchewan

    Regina is Saskatchewan’s provincial capital. It is the second-largest city in the province and home to approximately 200,000 residents. In 2001, the Regina Crime Commission identified addiction as a priority. As such, they have developed an anti-drug abuse strategy that includes treatment, prevention, enforcement, and harm reduction. In this light, they developed a Drug Strategy Report that lists recommendations for policies and programs aimed at the problem of drug and alcohol addiction.

    Sobriety.ca Foundation is a full-service, private residential addiction recovery center located a short drive from Ottawa. It offers a comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol addiction recovery in a setting one would normally find at a well appointed comfortable country inn. Treatments include psychotherapy, nutrition therapy, spa services, and recreation therapy. The comprehensive Aftercare program ensures that clients who complete their recovery can continue to receive the help and support they need to remain sober.

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    • Prince Albert Alcohol & Drug Addiction, Recovery, & Rehabilitation Information
    • Regina Alcohol & Drug Addiction, Recovery, & Rehabilitation Information
    • Saskatoon Alcohol & Drug Addiction, Recovery, & Rehabilitation Information

    Treatment Addiction Services For Saskatchewan Residents

    Community Health Services

    178 Boundary Ave.
    Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan
    S0G 1S0
    Phone: (866) 367-8743
    Fax: (306) 332 3322

    The Health Services Centre offers a variety of community programs and services for the residents of the Fort Qu’Appelle area. The services of a variety of health care professionals are available at the Fort Qu’Appelle Health Services Centre on a regular basis.

    Davidson Health Centre

    900 Government Rd.
    Davidson, Saskatchewan
    S0G 1A0
    Toll-Free: (866) 268-9139 (Central Access)
    Phone: (306) 567-2801

    To provide better access to services for clients, the Region has developed community-based services that are available in the larger communities in the Region. Outlook, Rosetown, Kindersley, Unity and Biggar Health Centres all house Mental Health (Nurses and Counsellors), Addictions (Counsellors), and Therapies (Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapists).

    Youth Addiction Services

    1680 Albert St.
    Regina, Saskatchewan
    S4P 2S6
    Phone: (306) 766-6700
    Email: info@saskhealthauthority.ca

    The services provided are designed to meet each child’s unique needs. An outreach approach is provided with the goal of addressing barriers to service. Staff plan with a variety of community members, professionals, and other agencies. This kind of coordinated approach is more likely to produce better, lasting results for children, youth, and their families. The services are provided in ways that are culturally affirming.

    Addiction Services

    101 -15th St. E.
    Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
    S6V 1G1
    Phone: (306) 765-6550 (Adult)
    Phone: (306) 765-6565 (Youth)
    Toll-Free: (855) 765-6550
    Fax: (306) 765-6554

    Services offered to adults 18 and over. Assisting those with substance abuse problems and offering ongoing support for both the individual affected and their families.

    Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Saskatchewan

    Narcotics anonymous, founded more than 50 years ago, brings recovering addicts together to build compassion and empathy amongst members. Based on the 12-step philosophy, NA has helped thousands of substance abusers both recover and prosper. Narcotics Anonymous is the second largest 12-step organization in the world and operates all around the globe.

    Recovery Rocks

    Open Meeting
    Monday 9:00am

    Friendship Inn
    619 20 Street West
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    S7M 0X8

    Serenity Group

    Open Meeting
    Wednesday 7:00pm

    United Rentals
    59 A 17th Street West
    Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
    S6V 3X2

    Sharing Recovery

    Open Meeting
    Saturday 8:00pm

    Third Avenue United Church
    13 Avenue Street
    North Battleford, Saskatchewan
    S9A 1G4

    Flying Dust

    Open Meeting
    Tuesday 8:00pm

    8001 Flying Dust First Nation
    Native Reserve
    Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
    S9X 1T8

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    Knowledge Center

    At Sobriety.ca Foundation Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Center, we keep up-to-date with all the latest drug, alcohol, addiction, and treatment research. We also want you to be as au-courante as us, and regularly disseminate this information through our addiction recovery blog and useful resources.