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Our residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab programs empower individuals, helping them to understand and overcome their addiction so they can move on and reclaim their lives. And our extensive aftercare programs are there for you, and your loved ones to prevent relapse. 

Our Programs

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Our residential treatment centre offers an intimate approach to inpatient mental health and addiction recovery. Serving residents of Ottawa Ontario, our approach to on-site health care gives us the freedom to work closely with each of our clients, designing a wellness program that suits their needs. Our goal is a long term recovery that is sustainable for life. Our personalized approach to addiction treatment and recovery, whether it's substance use, alcohol addiction or the underlying mental health issues that often underly addiction empowers our residents overcome dependency to reclaim their lives.

Programs as individual as you.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the foundation of our drug addiction and alcohol rehab and treatment program. Group Therapy and one to one sessions are some of the evidence-based treatment employed to help our residents overcome substance abuse issues.

All of our therapists and counsellors are educated in Psychology and Addiction treatment at accredited US and Canadian Universities. Read More.


We can provide medical detox, and where appropriate, we work with medications that help our residents with withdrawal management, control cravings, and address other needs. In these cases therapy is adjusted to enable the correct use of medications without abuse.  Read More.

Holistic & Alternative Treatment

Our wide variety of alternative and holistic therapies help our residents reduce stress and focus the mind during recovery. Mindfulness, Yoga, Art Therapy and may more of the techniques learned here will become tools that help our graduates remain free from addiction.Read More.

Room in the Women's Residence at Sobriety Foundation
Our Residence

Private Rooms
& Small Group Sizes

While staying with us at Sobriety Foundation, you will be given a private room with high speed internet access, TV and even a private ensuite bath. We encourage you to personalize your room, as you like. After all, for the next little while, Sobriety's rehab facility will be your home away from home, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Treatment For Women

Separate safe-spaces designed for women

Our recovery program was designed by a woman so we know how important it is for our female residents to have their privacy, and to feel safe in their surroundings. We offer programs designed specifically to address the issues women living with addictions face. And while we believe that a real world approach to maintaining sobriety is an essential aspect of the healing process, women have the opportunity to maintain exclusivity throughout the majority of their stay with us. 

A separate woman's residence provides private and safe spaces for women to heal Foundation After Care Meetings for after care support
We have your exit plan.

Aftercare Programs
& Family Support

Graduates leave our treatment centre with the right tools and methods to take on  the challenges that life in a stressful society brings. However without a strong community support network it can be all to easy to relapse into substance use disorders again.
That is why our Aftercare program begins even before our residents leave the rehab center. We also offer outpatient therapy  and ongoing SMART Recovery family services open family members and friends.

Our graduates tell us, that for them, Sobriety was more than just an Alcohol rehab centre, or Drug rehab Centre. We became a sanctuary of hope and serenity, free of the pitfalls of opioid or alcohol abuse. 

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