Understanding Faith As Part Of Addiction Treatment

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The Importance of Belief

One’s faith is almost always at the center of their life. It gives someone purpose, meaning, and strength. Sobriety.ca Foundation, and any treatment center worth considering, will take your faith and beliefs seriously, and make every attempt to incorporate your belief system into any treatment program tailored to you. Rehab is difficult for everyone, regardless of their background, and drawing strength from a belief system can be a powerful motivator to succeed in treatment. We at Sobriety.ca Foundation believe it would be foolish not to craft a treatment plan that relates both to you and what you believe.

A Faith-Based Approach

Addiction specialists may not be theologians or religious studies majors, but with the help of the client and those closest to them, it is possible to add elements of faith to their treatment. Not all rehab centers can accommodate every single faith, but it is likely that during one’s stay, one may connect with another client that shares the same, or similar, beliefs. This is highly encouraged during rehab and helps greatly in any faith-based approach to addiction treatment. For instance, if a rehab center offers a specialized Christian approach to treatment, regular services are offered to motivate the clients who practice Christianity, and this also allows bonds to form between clients which promotes empathy and understanding, two things that are often diminished or lost during the hardest times of one’s struggle with addiction.

Aftercare Options That Revolve Around Faith

Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous are known for asking participants to give themselves over to a higher power, be that God or some other form of faith. 12-step programs, like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, are not always the best option to treat addictive behaviors from start to finish, but they may serve as an excellent aftercare program for continued support and connection for those in recovery. For those who are motivated by a 12-step approach meetings, sharing stories, and talking about what worked or what didn’t help many attendees to stay on track after they have moved on from rehab.

The most important thing to remember when seeking out a faith-based rehab option is to find a program or center where the staff will accommodate your beliefs. Stressing their importance to you, your life, and your recovery should be your main priority when communicating with any treatment center. As mentioned before, any treatment center worthy of your consideration will make an effort to include your beliefs as part of the recovery process created for you.