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Listen to Gary, one of our many success stories, describe his experience with us:

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We are so proud of all our graduates, each has ‘done the work’ and in that process learned more about themselves than they knew when they walked in our door. During their time with us they were taught how to cope with triggers, how to manage expectations and cravings, and perhaps most importantly while in rehab all residents become members of our aftercare community.

Our treatment program was developed to address the long term needs of our graduates, our aftercare plan includes friends and family members as well. Time has shown that when a graduate returns to “the real world” after rehab that supportive community is a large part of a successful long term recovery.

The Future is an Open Door


I’m in the 90-day program at Heritage Home. My experience thus far has been very pleasant, in that I feel at home, rather than an institution. My mental, psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual needs are being met.

Other than my addiction, psychologically, I do suffer from anxiety and depression, and also a great deal of trauma and loss. In regards to others sharing the same experience, I would definitely recommend this place. It’s a place where you can come to where they look at your individual needs, and meet them on a client-by-client basis. I’ve been fortunate to have amazing counsellors who understand and are knowledgeable in the field of addition, as well as the support staff who are also very knowledgeable and skilled in what they do.

For anyone who is currently going through addiction, I would say keep on trying. That’s the biggest thing, keep on trying. And also, to reach out. No matter how you have to reach out, whether it’s to family, friends, whomever it is that you can. Keep asking for help and be open to the idea that there are other possibilities and there is a future out there for you.

In regards to going home, I am feeling very hopeful. I’ve been through several different treatment programs, and I feel that I am ready. When I came here, I’ve been ready. I’ve been open to the different teachings and learnings that I’ve had the privilege of having here. I am going to take that with me, not just when I go home, but it will be for the rest of my life. Because this is a process, and through this process comes a happy life. Not saying that there aren’t going to be struggles and challenges, but with these skills and the new tools, and utilizing my support networks I‘m going to be able to better handle those situations, without having to use. And also being able to better manage my emotions.

In regards to what I plan on doing when I get back home, it’s an open door now. I am hopeful, I am not positive, but I know that there are going to be opportunities. I’m going to be going home in a different head space—a sober head space. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends and creating new supports through my process of recovery. Supports that are healthy, being in relationships that are healthy. Including most importantly, the relationship with myself. That is one of the biggest things that I am learning here, is how to have a healthy relationship with myself, and have that freedom and that hope within myself.


Hi, My name is Gary. I’m in the 30 day program here at Sobriety Home. I’m about 21 days into the program right now, and things are going very well. Overall, my experience has been very positive since I arrived here.

While, it was very difficult and emotional to finally make the decision to come here, I do know now that it was the right decision for me and my family. From the minute I arrived at Sobriety Home, they put me into a medically supervised detox program for alcohol. I had previously scared myself a couple of time by trying to detox myself at home. But here, the medically supervised detox program put my mind at ease, knowing I was going through the detox process safely.

The combination of physical fitness classes, yoga, the gym and healthy eating, has made a huge difference in how I feel physically. My sleeping patterns are back to normal and I’m starting to feel like my old self again.

Before coming here, I was dealing with stress, burnout, depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, I tried to deal with this myself, through self-medicating with alcohol. Which only lead to a downward spiral, that I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of. I tried many times to break this downward spiral, but was never successful for any length of time. I finally realized that I was out of control and I needed help. At that point, I contacted Sobriety Home. The decision to come here has forced me to deal, head on, with my addiction and the factors that contribute to it. I am finally being honest with myself and my family. As uncomfortable as it was initially, I feel like a burden has been lifted from me, and I have the opportunity to change the direction of my life.

Heritage has given me the counselling, information, and tools to continue my life, but now on a much better, healthier path, both for me and my family. I would encourage anyone struggling with addiction to seek help, sooner rather than later. For me, the decision to finally seek help was a huge turning point in changing the direction of my life.

In 7 days, I will return home and go back to work. I’m very anxious to do so, knowing that I will be in a much better place mentally and physically to deal with the struggles that are in front of me. But I know now that I have the tools in place and a plan in place that will lead to a successful and sustained recovery. I’m very grateful to all the people at Sobriety Home for helping me to get there. For the first time in a long time, I am actually looking forward to the next chapter in my life.

My name is Jason and I was a client of Sobriety.ca Foundation for three months in 2004. The care and treatment I received from the clinical staff was outstanding. I found the members of the clinical staff to be knowledgeable, courteous and caring. I found the wide range of treatment styles available to be particularly helpful to me in my recovery. Furthermore, I was treated with kindness. compassion and respect by the entire clinical staff during a very difficult time of my life. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with them and consider the therapy I received there to be the bedrock of my recovery today.
Jason, age 35

It took a lot for me to first admit that I had a problem and second to do something about it. When I arrived I had a warm welcome from Catherine and knew that the staff was there to help. I found that the group discussions were helpful in finding a way for me to be happy without drugs. When you go to rehab for one month it’s not a lot of time. If I hadn’t gone I probably would be right back where I came from. I stay in touch with the staff as they help me stay on track.
Heather, age 23

I had used drugs since the age of 13. When I arrived at the Center I had just overdosed on Oxycontin. I nearly died in the hospital and spent three days in intensive care and another four days in a unit. I arrived straight from the hospital. During this time even though I did not want to be there the staff made me feel comfortable and really tried hard to get through to me. I had planned to stay a maximum of one month but felt my attitude begin to improve and I had hope. I think this had a great deal to do with the staff since I had a real bad attitude and was negative 90% of the time. They never gave up trying to get through to me and they did because I stayed another month. I started to feel better and better. The staff helped me come up with an exit plan. We found a sober house I could go to after treatment. The staff were like a family and all worked together. You could always talk to them.
Tom, age 19

In addition to being an addict and a client I am a certified drug counselor in the United States . I was seeing a therapist twice a week and a psychiatrist twice a month. I needed more help and decided on residential treatment.

The staff were all amazing people. Having worked together for a number of years, the staff knew all their strengths and how their particular areas of expertise complimented each other.

I spent three months there and I felt cared for and was developing a camaraderie with the other clients, something that was a huge deal for me because I had issues with feeling secure and having been pretty much isolated, by choice, for the past 4 years.
T in New York , age 28

My daughter was a client of Catherine’s and her outstanding team of addiction treatment professionals. The key word here is “professional”. My husband and I attend family of addicts support groups in the US and we have heard many horror stories about treatment facilities. Our experience was very positive. My daughter has been sober for almost a year. These people are compassionate, knowledgeable, informative, highly ethical and always maintain the highest degree of professionalism in dealing with their clients and the entire family.
Mother of Rena B.

My stay at Sobriety Home started out detoxing. I was very sick for the first week so I hated the place. Then as time goes by my attitude changed. I changed the name from Rehab to Retreat, when I did that I really started to like it here. The counsellors were wonderful. They are into body mind and spirit and had a counsellor for each. Portia was great physically always full of energy and wanting to do things. Luis was into the workshops and the mental part of addiction while Kathleen has a great spirit about her – all these combined for a great Retreat. Food was excellent (fattened up, not so good). Gym was wonderful (didn’t use as much as I should have). Catherine and her staff of psychotherapists Karen, Laurie and nurse Nana, as well as all office and cooking staff, are all great people and I got the feeling they really cared about me!!! Hope I never see them again at Sobriety Home but would love to see any of them on my journey outside Sobriety Home. Also thanks to Bob for the trip to the Pow-Wow and little Laurie for being our taxi and all the others especially Julie for her amazing yoga.

See ya all & thank-you.
Dale White