Detox: The First Step on The Road to Recovery

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Dependance on Alcohol or Drugs isn’t something that just happens overnight, dose by dose, drink by drink, over time the process of self-medicating to help one cope with personal problems which haven’t been resolved becomes a pattern, a routine.

And just as it takes time for this dependency to take hold, it takes time to unlearn the patterns it traps you in. For many developing other healthy coping skills is something that isn’t accomplished on their own either.  However, with the help and guidance of trained mental health care professionals, compassionate support workers, and being in an safe and welcoming environment that supports healing, addiction dose’nt stand a chance!
The process of self-medicating can leave some people physically vulnerable to an almost toxic reaction to getting clean, for those people a professionally guided Dexox may be needed. TV shows and movies don’t often paint an accurate picture of what detox is like, because while the process or practice may be similar, the personal experience of the individual going through detox can vary widely. With an end goal for the detox procedure being a complete severance of the body’s physical dependence, it’s no easy task, but with the right approach, it can prime an individual for what comes next in their healing process.

Why Is Detox Such an Important Part of Recovery?

The human body is very adaptable but often sacrifices long-term benefits for those of the shorter variety. If someone drinks heavily or uses frequently,  our bodies can adapt, however, as quickly as we can adapt the body is often not prepared to deal with the destructive long-term effects. The stress on major organs alone can destroy our bodies, therefore the benefits of timely intervention through a carefully monitored detox procedure are paramount to preventing unwanted health problems.

What will Detox be like?

If only this were easy to answer. The experiences vary so much between individuals, that it’s very difficult to pin down what an apprehensive individual may experience when they are undergoing detox.

Some people experience depression, anxiety as well as tremors, which is why any detox procedure needs to be conducted by seasoned professionals with medical training. Some clients require round-the-clock observation and various medications to ease them through the process. Others are less affected but still require a personalized approach.

Is Detox Something I or a Loved One May Need?

If it’s established that someone’s alcohol consumption or substance use is out of control and dictating their life, the answer is yes. Not only will this person need to detox they will also need personalized care or rehab to help heal their mind and body. Detoxing is simply the first step in the process of recovery and eases someone onto the path of better health and sobriety. Sober living doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes some work to get there, but working with a dedicated team of addiction experts, like those at Foundation, can make all the difference in the world.