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Personalized Addiction Treatment

Although traditional cognitive therapy is at the heart of our addiction treatment programs, we also believe in individualized care that encompasses non-traditional approaches. Ours is not a fits-all model.
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A Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

The Foundation approach to alcohol and drug addiction is holistic, taking into account the whole of the person. Sobriety Home individualized treatment plans encompass the mind, body, and spirit.Our specialized team moves beyond simply treating the physical addiction, to treat the person inside. We seek to heal the many underlying causes of your addiction, from family dynamics, coping skills, unresolved trauma, to stress, social anxiety, and anger management.Our comprehensive approach to alcohol addiction treatment involves psychotherapypharmacotherapy and alternative therapies, preparing residents for a life of recovery with the support of our aftercare program.
Mindfulness practices at Foundation
Family and Friends and YOU programs that help mend fences
Family Services

Mend Relationships Damaged by Alcohol or Drug Addiction

We offer a number of family addiction treatment programs for individuals needing help recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction. However, addicts are not the only ones negatively impacted by addictions — as a family member or close loved one, you are too.
Aftercare Program

Addiction Treatment Aftercare Program: Just as Important as Rehab.

Time has shown us that the best way we can help our graduates stay sober is through the strength of community. And we start building that community even before you leave rehab. Residents start attending meetings while they are still with us, meeting fellow alumni, and becoming a part of a community that will be there for you, so when you walk out our doors you are not alone. Foundation After Care Meetings for after care support
We accept Professional Referrals at Foundation
Professional Referrals

Seeking and finding help for employees and patients.

At Foundation, in addition to our individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, we also offer our services to employers. Addiction impacts the workplace, resulting in misconduct, absenteeism, and an overall deterioration of the quality of work.

If you would like to help your employee, we can assist you or your company. Our intervention services are available to you, guiding you in assisting your employee to enter into a treatment program.

We also accept referrals from Mental Health Care professionals, hospitals and members of the legal community. 

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