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The Sobriety.ca Foundation addiction treatment center is located a short drive from Ottawa. We offer safe, peaceful, and relaxing country living, away from the temptations of city life, with the comforts of a well appointed inn.

Amenities, Activities, Nutrition

We believe your stay with us should be as comforting and fulfilling as we can possibly make it.

We offer a wide range amenities as well as engaging alternative programs and recreational activities to support recovery. Relaxation is integral to sustainable sobriety, healing your body and spirit.

Alternative and Recreational therapy to treat addiction
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Located a short drive from Ottawa in rural farm land.

Our grounds expand over 2 acres, offering a beautiful, spacious, and serene setting for addiction recovery.

While the sun is shining, our patios and pool are a favourite location for spending spare time. Even during the winter, our property provides clients with beautiful scenery, which can be enjoyed from inside one of our many buildings, or out in the fresh air.

Our Policies

You've got questions we've got answers.

We commit to giving our residents a treatment plan that is carefully crafted to their needs. This includes  everything from cellphone usage to drafting a medical marijuana policy in order to accommodate our patients. These rules and regulations are still a work in progress and will be refined as new evidence becomes available.

If you still have questions, please call us 1-888-999-8101.

We are a not-for-profit Foundation. So what we do charge is our actual cost and goes substantially toward a patient’s treatment. We offer 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs. There is NO ADDITIONAL 15%HST or GST on the cost as it is a tax-exempt medical service.

Moreover, it is an INCOME TAX DEDUCTIBLE MEDICAL EXPENSE which can be claimed as a deduction by the patient or by a caregiver or caregivers. Every client is provided with a medical certificate to assist in claiming a medical tax deduction for treatment, and we can help clients apply for a Federal government disability tax credit.

These tax deductions can also be claimed by the caregiver paying for treatment if the individual getting treatment cannot utilize them. We work with many insurance providers, and can assist you to get third party financing for treatment. We are also able to offer extended payment plans to clients who have a good credit record or a guarantor with good credit.

Please contact us to discuss payment options. We will gladly try to work out a payment plan to fit your circumstances.

Our policy towards the use of cellular phones, and computers is quite liberal for a rehab as many treatment centers do not allow them. We recognize that many people are extremely connected electronically, and it is an important part of their daily lives.

Accordingly, our policy is to only limit access to computers or cell phones for the first week. After one week, patients are able to use their cellular phones and computers in the evenings for 3 hours between 7:00pm and 10:00pm.

To accommodate this we have high speed internet and WiFi in each room. This said, working on one’s recovery requires focus, time and energy in making lasting and substantial changes in one’s thinking and approach to life. This is not easy to do and requires courage, effort and commitment; and to achieve this, it often helps to limit outside influences to some degree.

We welcome pets. And invite you to discuss bringing your pet along, the intake team member during your initial intake call. As always the safety of all guests and staff comes first. But we do our very best to accommodate all our residents, even the furry ones!

Right now, Sobriety.ca Foundation welcomes all patients with a valid medical marijuana prescription, and they will be subject to the following policy:

  1. Patients must carry a valid medical marijuana prescription from a licensed physician (MD)
  2. Prescribed marijuana in pill, or edible, or topical cream form is preferred.
  3. Marijuana which is smoked should be done with a vaporizer to minimize odour. We can provide a vaporizer to our residents for that purpose. The use of a vape pen can be accommodated if THC levels are not excessive or medically indicated.
  4. Prescribed marijuana can only be smoked in the nurse’s office in the designated area for smoking. This is a separate smoking area which as air vented through an ozoniser and activated charcoal air filters to eliminate marijuana smoke odours.
  5. Prescribed marijuana in any form must be delivered to our premise by mail from a licensed producer.
  6. As is the case for all medications, marijuana must be kept with the nurse.
  7. Low THC and high CBD marijuana medication is preferred
  8. Any high THC content such as Dabs, Snap, oil, Vape concentrate, etc. must be approved by the clinical director and the doctor as medically indicated.
  9. The use of medical marijuana by any patient who has had a psychotic episode in the last 6 months must be approved by the doctor or psychiatrist.

These policies reflect that we recognize that cannabis may be a viable replacement for some prescription drugs, given that the risks associated with daily cannabis use may be lower than daily benzodiazepine or opioid use (Boehnke, Litinas, Clauw, 2016). Further, it applies to those who require medical marijuana to manage pain and/or other comorbidities. If you are a current resident at Sobriety.ca Foundation and this applies to you, please do not hesitate to speak to your practitioner. Alternatively, we encourage all folks who are considering Sobriety.ca Foundation to reach out and learn more about our policy and how we can accommodate.

We are inherently a very safe place to be:

  • Everyone has their own private room and private bathroom which insures social isolation;
  • We have reduced our maximum occupancy by 40% to allow for even more social distancing;
  • Our common rooms are large and expansive allowing people to easily distance themselves;
  • We are in a quiet rural countryside area with a very small population, far away from visitors and foreign travellers and the dense population centers which are breeding places for the virus;
  • There have been no cases of covid-19 anywhere in our area;
  • All staff and all patients are tested twice daily for symptoms – no one with any symptoms is allowed to be at the premises;
  • All staff must report any symptoms they have or that anyone in their household has, and absent themselves;
  • We have very high sanitary standards and even those standards have been increased with more wipe-downs scheduled and increased handwashing mandated for patients and staff;
  • Most of our food is locally sourced and we are in a covid-19 free rural countryside area.
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