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Women And Addiction

Behind the facade of ordinary life, women often face a hidden battle with addiction, masked by the roles they fulfill.

In a world that tells women NOT to take up too much space,  we MAKE space for  Honesty, Vulnerability & Healing.

It's different for girls

Seeing women through the lens of addiction

Societal norms place different expectations on women than men. This creates a situation where women with substance abuse issues are more likely to keep their struggles secret. The pressure to conform to societal expectations of being nurturing caregivers and family pillars adds an unspoken burden.

Compared to their male counterparts, women face unique pressures to maintain a balance between strength and compassion. They must be capable and respected without being intimidating.Women in society face a delicate balance of being both capable and appealing without crossing certain boundaries. They must avoid being perceived as too weak or overpowering, and maintain a level of attractiveness that does not attract inappropriate behavior. It is a difficult line to navigate, requiring a delicate balance between being adequate and not excessive. For most it's exhausting but for some, its almost impossible.  Moreover, the connection between substance abuse and past traumas, particularly sexual abuse, cannot be overlooked.

These societal pressures, combined with personal suffering, can push women into seeking solace in alcohol or other substances as a form of escape.

A home of healing created by a woman

A rehab that understands the unique needs of women in recovery.

We provide a dedicated and safe space with private rooms and shared areas designed to foster a sense of community and healing. The nurturing environment allows women from different backgrounds to connect and support each other, breaking down societal barriers. The collective strength and shared experiences of women coming together in recovery creates a powerful and transformative bond.We aim to create safe spaces where women can connect, support each other, and find solace on their path towards recovery.

After undergoing treatment, we host women-only support groups to strengthen the bonds forged within their shared experiences.

We provide female only sessions where women can discuss their addiction related issues in a supported and safe space for times where they may not feel comfortable discussing issues with males  present.

Serene Outdoor settings Sobriety Foundation
Inclusive and Compassionate

A uniquely balanced approach to healing.

At Sobriety our approach differs from segregated women-only facilities, we believe in the value of mixed-gender group therapy. This allows women to develop resilience and tools to cope in a world where male influences are present, potentially triggering past experiences.

Women have the opportunity to maintain exclusivity throughout the majority of their stay with us and will not be subject to any situations that could lead to unnecessary awkwardness.

Reconnecting through therapy

Cognitive and holistic therapies

Our therapies, including yoga, mindfulness, journaling and breathwork, are deeply impactful for our residents. The beauty of our gardens provides a therapeutic sanctuary, where gardening becomes a symbol of personal growth and healing. Throughout therapy sessions, both individual and group, our residents are encouraged to reconnect with their children. This connection serves as a powerful reminder of the love and support awaiting them, which they are actively working toward rebuilding as they progress in their recovery journey.

In a complex world that poses challenges to women, Foundation serves as a sanctuary of empathy and empowerment. It fills the void between the path of rehabilitation and the intricacies of everyday life, equipping individuals with the resilience, support, and confidence needed to navigate both the recovery process and the broader world.

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