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    Are you looking to find Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment resources in London Ontario?

    Sobriety Foundation provides a state-of-the-art, evidence-based, residential addiction treatment that’s just a short drive from Ottawa. 

    Located in a calming, rustic setting and offering accommodations similar to that of a well-appointed country inn, many clients from across Canada choose us for their addiction recovery. Rooted in the more traditional approach to drug rehab, our program also embraces a holistic approach to wellness. Our Addiction counselors treat each resident individually, and each recovery program is tailored to suit their needs helping address the root causes of their dependency, and are trained to ensure that the detoxification process is undertaken safely on-site. 

    Our relapse prevention Aftercare program ensures our graduates, their loved ones, and family members all have access to the support needed to rebuild and repair relationships damaged by drug addiction and to remain clean and sober once they have returned home. 

    General Information for London

    London, Ontario, located in Southwestern Ontario, lies in the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. With a metropolitan area population of 457,720, London is the tenth-largest Canadian city and the sixth-largest in Ontario. It is widely considered an ‘average’ Canadian city.Due to its geographical location, London has some of the most productive agricultural lands in the province. London is currently undergoing growth, seeing both commercial and residential development in the southwestern and northwestern areas of the city.The economy, traditionally, relies heavily on locomotive and military vehicle manufacturing—most notably, of armored personnel carriers. In recent years, however, insurance and information technology have become important industries for the city. Partly due to the University of Western Ontario’s, or Western as it is more commonly known, notable life science and biotechnology research has begun to emerge from the city.

    Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in London

    In its comprehensive 2003 Ontario Student Drug Use Survey, the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) reported that in the 12 months before the survey, 62 percent of all students consumed alcohol. Cannabis was the next most common drug used among the students with 26 percent. Tobacco (14 percent) and hallucinogens (7 percent) were next most prevalent, while all other remaining drugs, including GHB, together represented less than 6 percent. Overall, 29 percent of students reported having used at least one illicit drug in the last 12 months.Cannabis was the most frequently used illicit drug—‘frequently’ being defined as using six times or more in the past 12 months.Overall, the survey found that the use of illicit drugs had dropped slightly amongst Ontario students aged Grades 7 to 12. However, the number of students binge drinking, defined as consuming five or more alcoholic beverages on one occasion, had increased. Furthermore, the prevalence of binge drinking rises significantly in relation to age—an overwhelming 42.5 percent of Grade 12 students, versus 3.4 percent of Grade 7 students. The consumption of alcohol follows this same trend, with 31 percent of Grade 7 students consuming alcohol versus 82 percent of Grade 12 students.At Sobriety.ca Foundation, we keep up-to-date on all the latest drug use and addiction research so that we can offer the best treatment. New research allows a better understanding of alcoholism and drug addiction, resulting in better counseling, treatment, and aftercare, and, ultimately, a more successful recovery process.

    Carepoint and Counterpoint Harm Reduction Programs


    Consumption and treatment services

    Consumption and treatment services offer supervised drug consumption and overdose prevention services. Consumption and treatment service locations can connect you to addictions treatment and rehabilitation, primary care, mental health, and other health and social services.


    446 York Street, London, ON, N6B 1R2
    Telephone: 519-434-1601
    Toll-Free: 1-866-920-1601
    Fax: 519-434-1843

    Regular hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Addiction Supports

    Addiction Support Groups

    Addictions Services Of Thames Valley
    648 Huron St., London, Ont. N5Y 4J7
    A program designed to improve the health, social outcomes, and quality of life of people with gambling, gaming, internet, shopping, spending, pornography/sex concerns, through offering both direct client services and community education.

    Tel: 519-673-3242

    Alcoholics Anonymous – London-Middlesex Ontario AA  

    30 Adelaide St N, Unit 2A5, Unit 2A5, London, ON N6B 3N5

    The Alcoholics Anonymous program assists individuals who are dealing with alcoholism in the London -Middlesex area.

    Tel: 519-438-9006


    AL – Anon/Alateen

    c/o District 6 PO Box 944, Stn B

    London, ON N6A 5K1

    Al-Anon/Alateen Southern Ontario

    AL-Anon/Alateen offers support and hope to friends and families of alcoholics or are being affected by an individual’s drinking. In-person and or electronic meetings are available and have been proven to be integral in helping clients deal and recover from the effect of someone’s problem drinking.

    Tel: 519-457-9393

    Connex Ontario

    Connex Ontario is a 24/7 Helpline funded by the government of Ontario. It provides free and confidential health services information for individuals encountering issues with substance abuse, mental illness, or gambling.

    24/hour helpline 1 866 – 531 – 2600

    Horizons Opioid Treatment Clinic

    1560 Dundas St Unit 5, London, ON N5W 3C1

    Horizons offers confidential and discrete Opiate dependence treatment for individuals with an addiction to opiate based drugs like heroin, oxycontin, morphine, Percocet, and codeine. Horizon’s goal is to offer continuous care and reduce harm in either a Walk-in or family practice office.

    Tel: 1 855 -742 9449

    Integrated Circle Of Care Inc – Narcotics / Opioid Addiction Program

    1385 North Routledge Park, London, ON

    Integrated Circle of Care is a collaboration of workers from different agencies that offer accessible and meaningful support to employed persons, professionals and executives with narcotic/opioid addictions.

    Tel: 519-472-8282

    London Clinic Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre (O.A.T.C.)

    425 Wharncliffe Road South, London Ont. N6J 2M6
    The London Clinic Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre services individuals seeking assistance with opiate addiction. O.A.T.C.’s programs include the administration of methadone and suboxone

    Tel: 519-204-8403

    Mission Services – Quintin Warner House

    477 Queens Ave., London, ON N6B 1Y3

    Quintin Warner House is a twenty-bed live-in addiction treatment center that is available for males, eighteen years of age and older, living in the London area. Offers safe support for addictions, anger and trauma. Offers funding support.

    Tel: 519-434-8041

    Mission Services – Men’s Mission

    459 York St., London, Ont. N6B 1R3
    Men’s Mission is a branch of Mission Services that offers traditional housing accommodation and meals, rehabilitation counselling, a men’s clothing program, life skills programs, and chapel services.

    Tel: 519-672-8500

    Regional HIV/AIDS Connection

    602 Queens Ave, London, Ont.

    Regional HIV/AIDS connection includes services for anyone, and are aimed at reducing transmission of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. The programs include counseling and programming, education and resources related to safer sex, HIV and Hep testing, as well as access to clean needles and syringes.

    Tel: 519-434-1601

    Teen Challenge

    9340 Sharon Rd, London, ON N6P 1P3

    Teen Challenge is a one year in residence drug and alcohol rehab program. Its objective is for clients to develop a close personal relationship with God in order to live their lives to the fullest.

    Tel: 519-652-0777

    The Freedom From Addiction

    The Freedom from Addiction increases an awareness of mental health issues among indispensable frontline workers, providing in-patient addiction recovery treatment as well as after care support and family programs for essential frontline workers.

    Tel: 1 – 855-910-6010

    Turning Point

    612 Mornington Avenue, London, ON N5Y 3G1

    Turning Point Inc. is a long term recovery home in the city of London, that assists individuals with drug and alcohol dependency. Support for both men and women, offers programs for group counselling and life skills and housing.

    Tel: 519-659-2250


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    At Sobriety.ca Foundation Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Center, we keep up-to-date with all the latest drug, alcohol, addiction, and treatment research. We also want you to be as au-courante as us, and regularly disseminate this information through our addiction recovery blog and useful resources.