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Drug Rehab & Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Foundation offers a private, secure, tranquil residential rehab with personalized, individual treatment.

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Listen to Gary, one of our many success stories, describe his experience with us:

More Success Stories Foundation is located in picturesque rural Quebec. If you are not from Quebec, have no worries! Foundation welcomes those in need of our assistance from all over Canada. Montreal, Quebec has beauty practically pouring out from its vibrant streets. Whether it’s the breathtaking architecture of the gothic style churches, the captivating art you find in the least likely of places, or the beautiful people you run into on every other street corner, Montreal has certainly earned its title as one of Canada’s most beautiful cities. Just for a moment however, let’s visit an area that most would agree is less than beautiful. It’s an area that plagues most cities, with Montreal being no exception. This would be the area of alcohol addiction, a very damaging and potentially life-threatening disease. If left untreated, alcoholism can very easily rob you of your livelihood, your finances, your career and any plans you may have for the future. Long-term addiction to alcohol can cause severe health problems and may possibly be fatal. Sobriety Home Rehab can help those from Montreal, Quebec that are battling alcoholism and assist them in gaining back control of their life. Foundation Rehab offers the proper resources and tools, in conjunction with years of professional expertise in the field of alcohol addiction to help you control the reigns of your life again and experience the wonderful feeling of having hope for your future. Once you arrive in Quebec, Foundation will help make the travelling process as comfortable as possible. If you were to fly into the Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport, our driver is available to pick you up from there or any other major location in Quebec. You will then be driven directly to Foundation, which is located in the beautiful Godmanchester, Quebec, where the scenery is second to none. Foundation Rehab focuses on evidence-based treatments, mainly including psychotherapy. At Sobriety Home Rehab you may receive medical treatment and medication(s) based on the widely studied and proven area of Pharmacotherapy. If you would rather be free of medications, Alternative Alcohol Rehab Therapies are found at the Foundation, these methods take a more holistic and natural approach. Examples of these activities include yoga, pilates, meditation, and nature walks.

Rehab Treatment Centres for Alcohol Addiction in Montreal, Quebec

Chabad Project Pride

4615 Chemin de la Côte-S.-Catherine
Montreal, Quebec
H3W 1M1
Phone: 514 738-7700
Fax: 514 738-6166

“The Centre now has 3 full-time and 2 part-time qualified counsellors, in addition to volunteers, who respond to those who are addicted. The core philosophy of Chabad Project is that {a person|an individual|someone} must be treated as a whole. In this regard, mental health issues such as dual-{prognosis|diagnosis}, depression, bipolar depression, compulsive behaviors, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), borderline personality and anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia are taken into consideration.”

Portage Program for Drug Dependencies Inc

2455 Lionel-Groulx Ave
Montreal, Quebec
H3J 1J6
Phone: 514 935-3431

“The Mother-Child Program is designed for addicted mothers and their young children, as well as for pregnant addicts. It gives direct help within a residential facility to assist women in their personal development and to promote the emotional, intellectual and physical development of children, while improving the quality of ties binding mother and child. The activities offered throughout this program are also aimed at eliminating the transfer of dependency issues from one generation to the next. The program for mentally ill chemical abusers is designed to meet the needs of persons suffering from such mental disorders as schizophrenia that are connected with habit. It uses a notified therapeutic technique and respects each individual ‘s attention span, learning ability and rate of progress.”

Hôpital Ste-Justine – Médecine de l’Adolescence

3175, ch. de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, 7e étage, bloc 2
Montreal, Quebec
H3T 1C5
Phone: 514 345-4721
Fax: 514 345-4778

“Our mission is to improve health on the whole which constitutes a complete state of physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being of children, teenagers and mothers of Quebec in affiliation with our health care, university and research partners.”

“CHU Sainte-Justine is committed to fulfilling the six mandates that fall under its university mission:”

  • To provide specialized and ultra specialized care
  • To conduct basic and clinical research in pediatric and maternal health
  • To prepare the next generation of health care professionals through teaching
  • To promote health
  • To assess new technologies and treatment methods
  • To provide rehabilitation, adaptation and social integration services to children and teenagers with motor and language disorders

Life Free Montreal

Montreal, Quebec
Phone: 1 800 563-5361

“A drug and alcohol intervention is a deliberate process by which family and friends seek to help someone suffering from an addiction or harmful behaviour, thoughts, or feelings. The overall objective of a drug intervention or alcohol intervention is to gather all supporters in one place and confront a person in a non-threatening but honest way and allow them to see their self-destructive behavior and how it affects themselves, family and friends.”

Alcoholics Anonymous

A.A has been around since 1935. Originally formed in Ohio when two affluent men from New York wrote a book on how to help those in recovery from alcohol addiction. Both had experience with alcoholism in their lifetime and felt they had some insight into taking steps to prevent the harm that alcoholism often causes. For over 88 years A.A has been creating success stories with their famous 12 step program.


  • Montréal [English]: (514) 350-3444
  • Montréal [Français]: (514) 376-9230


Open Meeting
Thursday 8:30pm

St-Ignatius Church Hall
10-374 Cobourg Avenue
Montreal, Quebec
H1H 4Y4


Closed Meeting
Tuesday 8:00pm

St. Mark’s Anglican Church – Side Entrance
1650 Decelles Avenue
Montreal, Quebec
H4L 2E5


Open Meeting
Sunday 8:00pm

Strathmore United Church
310 Brookhaven Avenue
Montreal (Dorval), Quebec
H9S 2N7


Open Meeting
Wednesday 1:00pm

St. Veronica’s Church
1300 Carson Avenue
Montreal (Dorval), Quebec
H9S 1M6


Open Meeting
Friday 8:00pm

Lasalle Community Center
8600 Hardy Street
Montreal (LaSalle), Quebec
H8N 2P5


Closed Meeting
Thursday 7:00pm

Cedar Park United Church – Wheelchair Accessible
204 Lakeview Avenue
Montreal (Pointe-Claire), Quebec
H9S 4C5


Closed MeetingvMonday 8:00pm

St. Sixte Church
1895 de l’Église Street
Montreal (St-Laurent), Quebec


Open Meeting
Sunday 8:00pm

St. Thomas Moore Church
980 Moffat Avenue
Montreal (Verdun), Quebec
H4H 1Y9


Open Meeting
Monday 8:00pm

320 Rielle Avenue
Montreal (Verdun), Quebec
H4G 2S7

Psychologists and Alcohol Addiction Counsellors in Montreal, Quebec

Karen Aronoff
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, SW, PsychoTherapist
Queen Elizabeth Health Complex
2100 Marlowe Ave, Suite 228
Montréal, Quebec H4A 3L5
(514) 400-2502
Boston College Year of 1989
License No. and State: AROK01/300/11TS Quebec

“I am a bilingual psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, practicing near downtown Montreal. I offer hope and help to people who struggle with addictions, adults who suffered childhood abuse, as well as those suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, loss, relationship issues and work related problems.

I provide a safe, non-judgemental relationship whereby I encourage my clients to focus on their feelings and to identify their needs and longings, as they get in touch with their core values and find the path that is best for them. In couple’s therapy, I use the EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) model. I help couples recognize the dynamics that keep them emotionally distant, identify and articulate the needs and fears fuelling their dynamics, learn to listen and be there for each other in the ways they each need, and ultimately feel much more connected.”

Howard Magonet
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, ts, psychotherapist
2100 Marlowe Avenue
Suite 401
Montréal, Quebec H4A 3L5
Years in Practice: 20+ Years
McGill University Year of 1994
License No. and State: MAGH94/02/110TS Quebec

“As a clinical Social Worker and licensed Psychotherapist, I have been providing therapeutic intervention for over 20+ years in the greater Montreal area. I have extensive experience working with adolescents and adults. My expertise is in working with individuals and those closest to them suffering from addiction, as well as those dealing with problems associated with anxiety, relationships, depression and other related areas. I work with individuals, those who support them and groups, and use an eclectic approach to customize my techniques to best fit your individual needs.”

Anthony Berger
Counsellor, MA, CCC
License No. and State: 10001868 Quebec500 Boul Gouin E
Suite 300A
Montréal, Quebec H3L 3R9
(514) 613-7352
Years in Practice: 5 Years
Yorkville University Year of 2017

“My focus when working with you, will be to help you gain a better understanding of your specific problems and work with you in finding effective solutions that will allow you to gain better control of your life. I have successfully worked with adolescents and adults struggling with issues such as substance abuse, depression,& anxiety.”