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Gatineau is a place of beauty known for it’s close proximity to our nation’s capital and the tight bond Gatineau and Ottawa have formed over the years. Many government workers as well as those in big tech cross the border from Gatineau to Ontario on a daily basis, but with all that hustle and bustle, it’s no surprise that Gatineau is all too familiar with addiction and it’s trials. Fact is, addiction strikes everywhere and ruins thousands of lives in Quebec and Ontario every year. With next to no support from the provincial and federal governments, addiction is allowed to rampage through innocent lives with very little to stop it. There are those fighting back, however, against the increasing menace that is addiction. Foundation, located in Quebec’s heartland is devoted to helping any who commit to making a change in their lives. Foundation has helped many Quebecers and residents of Ontario alike, and with top notch facilities in a beautiful and relaxing environment, we hope to continue doing so for as long as there are people in need of help.

For those seeking help for themselves or a family member, it can be a very difficult time indeed. There are mountains of misinformation, fad treatments and bogus theories littering the internet as to why someone may be addicted to alcohol and how to help them. The truth is, there is no one size fits all approach to helping those with alcoholism, and Foundation is built on this principle. In addition to the scientifically proven methods of addiction treatment, Foundation utilizes alternative therapies as well as valuable recreational activities in order to foster feelings of empathy and positivity, while putting a heavy emphasis on trust and feeling safe. It is important for those under our care that they feel they can open up to us and allow us to help them get to the bottom of their addiction in order to best tailor a plan to recovery. Foundation welcomes all Canadians looking to change their lives and end the vicious cycle of alcoholism. During your stay with us, we will work hard on figuring out what may have led to the addiction in the first place, while also practicing personalized techniques to avoid relapse and hardship in the future. The expert staff at Sobriety Home pride themselves on their determination to provide top quality care, as well as therapies that supplement cognitive behavioral therapy such as massage therapy, outdoor activities and gardening to name just a few. While we don’t agree that rehab should be a vacation, we believe that empathy and comfort during a difficult time allows our clients the opportunity to relax somewhat and open up in order to make the most of their time with us. A few creature comforts never hurt anyone, and if it allows our clients to benefit from their time at Sobriety Home, then we believe they have immense value in the recovery process.

Treatment Addiction Services For The Province of Quebec

CRD de l’Outaouais – Gatineau

444 Boul. St-Rene Ouest
Gatineau, Quebec
J8P 8A9
Phone: (819) 669-3644
Fax: (819) 669-6799

A non profit organization that offers addiction treatment services for youth and adults as well as mental health support and services for family members and those affected by an individual’s alcoholism.

Clinique de Psychotherapie de l’Outaouais

365 Boul. St-Joseph
Gatineau, Quebec
J8Y 3Z6
Phone: (819) 208-2413

Psychological services for Gatineau residents suffering from addiction and mental health issues.

CRD de l’Outaouais – Papineau

129 rue Joseph
Gatineau, Quebec
J8L 1G1
Phone: (819) 281-6776
Fax: (819) 281-1385

A non profit organization that offers mental health and addiction treatment services in Gatineau.

Alcoholics Anonymous In The Province of Quebec

Alcoholics Anonymous, or “AA”, has been dedicated to assisting those addicted to alcohol overcome their alcoholism since 1935. Founded in the state of Ohio, in the United States, the organization has helped hundreds of thousands of people struggling with alcoholism worldwide.

Before heading to a meeting, make sure to check the time and place of the meeting and whether or not it is open or closed.


Closed Meeting
Sunday 12:00pm

5, Rue St-Arthur
Gatineau, Quebec
J8T 3C2

Midi Partage

Open Meeting
Tuesday 12:15pm

17 Rue des Groseilliers
Gatineau, Quebec
J8Z 1M4

Barrhaven Tuesday Night Group

Closed Meeting
Tuesday 8:00pm

3013 Jockvale Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K2J 4E4


Open Meeting
Monday 8:00pm

255 Rue Saint Redempteur
Gatineau, Quebec