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Manitoba is one of Canada’s Prairie Provinces. Manitoba is bordered to the south by the U.S states of North Dakota and Minnesota. To the west of Manitoba is the province of Saskatchewan, while the province of Ontario lies to the East.

Manitoba is home to about 1.2 million residents, over half of whom live in or around the province’s capital city of Winnipeg. The economy of Manitoba relies heavily on tourism, energy, agriculture, oil, minerals, mining, and forestry. In the southern part of the province, agriculture is also important.

According to a study published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry and conducted by experts at the Canadian Center for Addiction and Mental Health, 13.5% of Manitobans have an addiction problem. This is higher than the Canadian national average of 11%. Amount reasons for Manitoba’s slightly larger addict population include a high rate of poverty and a high proportion of displaced indigenous populations. Indigenous people who have largely lost their land and culture are known to be at increased risk for abuse of drugs and alcohol.

To help combat drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in Manitoba, the Canadian government is working together with the provincial government through the Drug Strategy Community Initiatives Fund. Projects supported by the Fund are aimed at strengthening illicit drug abuse prevention among Manitoba’s youth. For instance, The Brandon Community Alcohol & Drug Education Coalition Drug Prevention Mobilization Plan is designed to help community members develop, implement, and promote educational and other activities aimed at preventing illicit drug abuse among young people. All of this is part of Canada’s National Anti-Drug Strategy.

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Sobriety.ca Foundation For Substance Abuse & Addiction In Manitoba

Manitoba is unfortunately no stranger to the nation wide drug epidemic that has affected so many good people all across Canada. Manitobans face many unique challenges and Sobriety.ca Foundation is prepared to meet them head on. It doesn’t matter whether a client comes to us from a big city, like Winnipeg, or a smaller community in the north west of the province. Our residential rehab center is located a short drive from Ottawa, which allows for total anonymity for both professionals in the city, and those seeking to participate in treatment away from the prying eyes or judgements of a smaller town. Our renowned medical detox, counselling and aftercare support services have helped many from all across Canada attain sobriety and a better way of life.

Diversity of both people, and landscape is part of what makes Manitoba such a wonderful part of Canada and the world. Knowing this, the team at Sobriety.ca Foundation will never offer a client a standardized or cookie cutter approach to their treatment. Every individual’s background, hometown, beliefs, culture and lifestyles are different, but so very important. Our professional addiction specialists will work diligently to craft a rehabilitation program that is individually suited to our client. Not all drugs are the same, nor is any case of addiction quite the same, so why treat them as though they were?

Experience recovery in a comforting, calm and positive environment with Sobriety.ca Foundation. We aren’t going to deceive anyone, rehab is hard work, but we aim to make one of the most difficult times in someone’s life just a little bit easier by providing many comforts and alternative treatments.

Healthy living is a top priority for many of our clients, so those who choose to go through rehab with us will have access to a gym, and countless other ways to exercise while eating only the best organic and home cooked dishes. Spirituality, holistic alternatives and relaxation activities such as yoga and meditation are also offered to all those who wish to give them a try. Our mission is to prepare our clients for their new lives, free of drugs and the burden of addiction, and our wide range of expertise, services and amenities are just some of the ways we use to accomplish this goal. Recovery, sobriety and a return to good health are just around the corner, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly staff members when you’re ready.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Recovery, & Rehabilitation Information for Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba and also the largest city in the province. It is also the core cultural and economic center of Manitoba. The Winnipeg metropolitan area is home to nearly 700,000 individuals. Winnipeg is known for its harsh winter climate, which has led to its nickname “Winterpeg”.

The Winnipeg Drug Treatment Court was developed in an attempt to curtail the cycle of drug addiction and abuse, criminal behavior, and incarceration. Drug treatment courts are special courts where the cases of drug addicted lawbreakers are heard. Instead of incarceration, drug addicted individuals are enrolled in treatment programs that involve the judiciary system as well as addiction service providers and community agencies that can help those suffering from drug addiction maintain a sober lifestyle. Winnipeg’s Drug Treatment Court is available to drug addicted offenders who are charged with non-criminal acts or acts related to possession and/or trafficking of illegal drugs. The defendant must be dependent on drugs, and this addiction must be the root cause of the criminal behavior.

Sobriety Home is a residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located near a short drive from Ottawa. People come from all over Canada come to benefit from the rehabilitation services offered by Sobriety Home. Once they complete treatment and return home, clients continue to be followed and given support through the Aftercare program, which helps them maintain a sober lifestyle. An important benefit of Sobriety Home is that it offers facilities to support and aid you in your recovery, and promote the healing of sobriety. In addition to evidence based psychotherapy we also provide a variety of well studied holistic treatments proven to reduce stress and anxiety and promote wellness in mind, body, and soul. Programs as Yoga, Acupuncture, Tai-Chi, Mindfulness Meditation, Massage, and Native Healing are not cures for addiction. They are however excellent health habits which are proven to support recovery and naturally reduce and control stress and anxiety.

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Treatment Addiction Services For Manitoba Residents

St. Raphael Wellness Centre

St. Raphael Wellness Centre
225 Vaughan St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 1T7
Phone: (204) 956-6650
Email: ceic@straphaelcentre.ca

From our beginnings in the early 1970s as a small church-based addictions support service, we grew into a helping agency that, in the early 1990s sought to introduce European-influenced housing and addiction treatment to Winnipeg. Since then we have re-focused on meeting the needs of those in pre- and post-treatment.

Substance Use Services (AFM)

Substance Use Services (AFM)
River House
Formerly James Toal Centre
1041 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 0R8
Phone: (204) 944-6200
Email: jtc@afm.mb.ca

AFM is a Crown agency that is committed to being a foundation of excellence in providing addictions services and supporting healthy behaviours. AFM employs over 400 staff and provides a wide range of addictions services to Manitobans through 28 locations across the province.

Compass Residential Youth Program (AFM)

Compass Residential Youth Program (AFM)
PO Box 118
Southport, Manitoba
R0H 1N0
Phone: (204) 428-6600
Fax: (204) 428-6611
Email: youthres@afm.mb.ca

Compass is a residential program for young people who want support to change their use of alcohol or drugs. It’s a place to learn about yourself, develop new skills, and move forward in your life.

Pritchard House Rehabilitation Centre Native Addiction Council of Manitoba

Pritchard House Rehabilitation Centre
Native Addiction Council of Manitoba
160 Salter St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2W 4K1
Phone: (204) 586-8395
Fax: (240) 589-3921
Email: info@nacm.ca

For over 45 years the Native Addictions Council Manitoba has been unique in that we use Traditional Practices in our additions treatment program. We employ a holistic concept of healing: Mind, Body and Spirit. They are geared to the recovery from substance abuse, as well as holistic recovery of one’s life.

Narcotics Anonymous Drug Addiction Treatment Meetings in Manitoba

The internationally recognized recovery support group, Narcotics Anonymous, was founded more than five decades ago and exists to support individuals looking to end their addiction to harmful substances and narcotics. Thousands of success stories are told every year thanks to Narcotics Anonymous, and the structured meeting format is an ideal aftercare option for many individuals in rehab or recovery.


Closed Meeting
Sunday 4:00pm

Parish Church of Saint-Luke
130 Nassau Street North
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3L 2H1

Infinity Group

Closed Meeting
Monday 7:30pm

United Church
202 McLean Avenue
Selkirk, Manitoba
MB R1A 0T6

Westman Group

Closed Meeting
Wednesday 7:30pm

Saint-Mary’s Church
401 1st Street
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 2W8

Howling Wolves

Closed Meeting
Wednesday 6:30pm

AA Club House
1079 Cree Road
Thompson, Manitoba
R8N 1R8

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