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Seeking treatment options for addiction in Alberta? We can help!

Alberta is one of Canada’s Prairie Provinces. It is bordered by British Columbia to the west and Saskatchewan to the east. North of Alberta is the Northwest Territories, and directly south is the U.S. state of Montana.

The two major urban centers in Alberta are Edmonton, its capital, and Calgary, its largest city. The remaining area of Alberta is made up of rural areas and small towns.

Drug addiction is a problem both in Alberta’s urban and rural communities. Chronic poverty, combined with a recent influx of money from the oil trade has created destabilization that has made residents vulnerable to the seemingly easy escape of alcohol and drugs. In addition, Alberta boats a high population of aboriginal communities, who are also vulnerable to substance abuse due to the displacement of their communities and loss of their culture over the past few generations.


Without treatment, addiction can rob you of everything: Your health, your finances, your future. Sobriety Foundation’s Drug Rehab Center could be the answer for anyone in Alberta looking for addiction treatment and recovery with a Holistic Approach.


Sobriety.ca Foundation For Substance Abuse Treatment in Alberta

Like so many other parts of Canada, Alberta has a large substance abuse problem. Many individuals struggle and suffer every day because they don’t know how to make a change for the better. Drug addiction is problematic for many reasons, but a big one is that there are dozens of substances available to addicts, making the issue a very difficult one to treat. Sobriety.ca Foundation has experience treating a wide variety of addictions, and our years of experience doing so put us in a unique position to help those from Alberta seeking to end their addiction and return home to prosper.

Substance abuse is a complex, private and often humiliating matter. Addicts hide their behaviour from friends, family and anyone close to them for as long as possible, but sadly nearly everyone eventually succumbs entirely to their addiction and it is exposed to those closest to them. Reactions from friends and family vary, but it’s always a very emotional time with more questions than answers. Sobriety.ca Foundation can help answer many of the questions individuals affected and their family members may have, as well as addressing the concerns they may have. We are located a short drive from Ottawa, away from prying eyes and judgement. We’ve helped many Canadians, and always welcome those from Alberta.

No matter what type of addiction someone may be dealing with, it’s important to know that no two addiction stories are the same. There are innumerable types of narcotics, street drugs and party drugs out there that corrupt the lives of Albertans, and the relationship between them and the individual is the key to succeeding in treatment. Sobriety.ca Foundation offers a comprehensive, science based approach to recovery while also offering alternative treatments to those interested as well as a few amenities to make the stay of our clients less stressful. Drug addiction is not an easy problem to reverse, but with a cognitive and behavioral approach the professional and highly trained staff at Sobriety.ca Foundation have had countless successes. Our commitment to offering holistic and spirituality based treatments to supplement our various programs is what makes us so good at helping those under our care. Treating the individual, not just the illness is what makes all the difference. Exercise, yoga, massage therapy, holistic practices and plenty of outings are only a few of the things we do differently, and the fact that we offer private rooms to all our clients truly sets us apart. The privacy of our clients before, during and after treatment is a top priority and not a responsibility we take lightly. If you, or someone dear to you is ready to change their lives for the better, end their addiction to drugs and get their health and independence back, Sobriety.ca Foundation will be ready to help.


Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Recovery, & Rehabilitation Information for Calgary, Alberta

Probably most famous for hosting the Calgary Stampede every summer, Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, with a population of 1.3 million. It is also considered the doorway to the Canadian Rockies since it is located only about 80 miles east of its foothills.

The Calgary Citizen’s Police Academy provides residents of Calgary the opportunity to get a glimpse of the lives of Calgary police officers. An important goal of the Academy is to garner residents’ help in controlling drug problems in the city. Some of the drugs sold most frequently on Calgary streets include marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy (MDMA). At the Academy, citizens learn about how the drug trade is connected to homicide and other crimes and how drug addiction can destroy lives and families.


Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Recovery, & Rehabilitation Information for Edmonton, Alberta

*The population of the City of Edmonton according to its 2019 municipal census is 972,223, a change of 8.1% from its 2016 municipal census population of 899,447. (*source)

An estimated 4,000 Edmonton residents inject illegal drugs. Other problem drugs in the area are cocaine and methamphetamine. To help address drug problems here, Edmonton enacted its own Drug Treatment and Community Restoration Court in 2005. This provides drug addicts in Edmonton the opportunity to complete a drug treatment program instead of facing legal troubles associated with their addiction. To get into the program, addicts must plead guilty to whatever drug-related legal charges landed them in trouble in the first place. They must also have no history of violent crime. They are then given probation and can live at home, but they must return to the court for weekly drug addiction treatment sessions. They must also pass random drug tests.

An important aspect of Edmonton’s drug treatment court is its individualized approach. Each participant undergoes a treatment program based on his or her needs. Sobriety Home, a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility located near Ottawa, takes a similar approach. A recovery program is designed for each client, taking from a myriad of available therapeutic techniques, including psychotherapy, nutrition, exercise, and even spa treatments.


Treatment Addiction Services In Alberta

Canmore Boardwalk Building

101- 743 Railway Ave.
Canmore, Alberta
T1W 1P2
Phone: (403) 678-3133
Fax: (403) 678-3138
Website: https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/findhealth/Service.aspx?id=427&serviceAtFacilityID=1115769

Providing addiction treatment services through Alberta Health Services. Treatment options are available to adults as well as ongoing support and aftercare. The families of an individual struggling with a drug addiction also have support services available to them.


Recovery Acres Society 1835 House

1835 House
1835 27th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2T 1H2
Phone: (403) 245-1196
Fax: (403) 244-4019
Website: https://www.recoveryacres.org/
Email: info@recoveryacres.org

At 1835 House the starting point in recovery is abstinence from addictive substances. We provide practical tools and treatment that help men learn to live free from drugs and alcohol. Over the course of treatment 1835 House provides resources, practical tools, mentorship, counselling, and support. Counsellors who are also in recovery are available to clients on-site 24/7.

Salvation Army Centre of Hope

Centre of Hope
420 9th Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2G 0R9
Phone: (403) 410-1129
Fax: (403) 410-1096
Website: https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/findhealth/facility.aspx?id=2101

The Salvation Army offers a variety of services and programs throughout Alberta and the Northern Territories for members of the communities that we serve. These activities are motivated by a belief that each individual possesses an inherent worth and dignity. It is the goal of The Salvation Army to restore dignity and hope in the lives of those we serve through these programs as they experience times of need.


25108 Poundmaker Rd.
PO Box 34007
Kingsway Mall Post Office
Edmonton, Alberta
T5G 3G4
Phone: (780) 458-1884
Toll-Free: (866) 458-1884
Email: info@poundmaker.org
Website: https://poundmakerslodge.ca/contact-us/

Poundmaker’s Lodge is known as Canada’s first addictions treatment centre specifically for Indigenous clients. It has been in operation for more than 40 years. Poundmaker’s Lodge was named after Chief Poundmaker (Pitikwahanapiwiyin) of Saskatchewan, a prominent leader of the Treaty 6 territory, who was known for his wisdom and leadership.

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Narcotics Anonymous Drug Addiction Treatment Meetings in Alberta

Narcotics Anonymous is the world’s second largest 12-step program. It is the sister program to Alcoholics Anonymous, and helps hundreds of thousands of individuals struggling with an addiction to drugs all across the globe. Members share their stories and experiences in a safe and private setting, usually at a location convenient to them and the community.



Narcotics Anonymous Edmonton Headquarters

Information & Help Finding The Right Meeting


A Gathering Place

Open Meeting
Thursday 7:30pm

5021 Ross Street
Red Deer, Alberta
T4N 1Y2

Rimbey New Life Fellowship

Open Meeting
Thursday 7:30pm

5038 49th Avenue
Rimbey, Alberta
T0C 2J0

Lutheran Church of The Master

Open Meeting
Tuesday 7:00pm

216 Main Street South East
Airdrie, Alberta
T4B 3K3

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