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Alberta is the powerhouse of Canada. Vibrant industries and a flourishing culture are what draw so many of us to the province, and keep us coming back! With all the prosperity and success Alberta has seen in recent years, the problem of addiction and particularly an addiction to alcohol has become an increasing problem not only in Alberta but all across Canada. The statistics don’t paint a rosy picture for either Alberta or our country as a whole, but there are those out there dedicating their lives to offering a solution to the problem. It’s become widely known that alcoholism does not just affect certain people, in fact quite the opposite is true, as anyone from any background can succumb to alcoholism and suffer for years without proper treatment. Foundation, located a short drive from Ottawa, has opened it’s doors to those seeking alcohol addiction treatment all across Canada, and has helped many people from the beautiful province of Alberta.

Those from Alberta know the value in hard work, and have built up their province into a beacon of success and prosperity. Knowing what hard work gets you is an important skill Albertans can bring to the table when they seek treatment for alcoholism. With a life free of alcohol and addiction being the ultimate goal, Foundation always welcomes Albertans to go through treatment with us. We treat people from all across Canada, and we know that everyone is different. We never treat one person quite the same as any other, and pride ourselves on our unique approach to addiction treatment that involves creating a plan that incorporates important elements of the individual as well as proven cognitive behavioral techniques.

Treatment for alcoholism is difficult enough, and Foundation knows it. For our clients, who have clearly shown they are brave enough to make a big change in their lives, we provide many services and amenities to make their stay more comfortable and productive. Outings, private rooms, home cooked meals with fresh organic produce and plenty of exercise options are only some of the amenities we offer to our clients. Our approach is based heavily in science, but we’ve known for a long time that there is more going on with addiction than meets the eye. Offering a safe, comfortable and positive environment is our primary goal, while simultaneously protecting our clients privacy is what Foundation is known across Canada for, as well as our philosophy of using spirituality and holistic alternatives in combination to a science based approach to alcohol addiction treatment. If you or someone you know is suffering, and a change needs to be made, feel free to give us a call. We’re always ready to help Albertans attain sobriety and support them in their new lives free of addiction and alcohol.

Treatment Addiction Services For The Province of Alberta

Addiction and Mental Health Clinic

205 3rd Ave.
Strathmore, Alberta
T1P 1K2
Phone: (403) 361-7277
Fax: (403) 361-7266

Supporting adults who suffer from mental health issues as well as addiction to alcohol and drugs. Part of Alberta Health Services, this clinic is funded by taxpayers and offers a variety of addiction treatment services to both individuals and their families.

Calgary Distress Centre

#300 – 1010 8th Ave, SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 1J2
Phone: (403) 266-1601 (Admin)
Phone: (403) 266-4357 (Help)
Phone: (403) 264-8337 (Teen help)

Distress Centre Calgary (DCC) has provided 24 hour crisis support in Calgary and southern Alberta since 1970. We do this through our 24 hour crisis line, email and daily chat and daily text for our youth. We also have professional counselling for clients with issues that can’t be resolved over the phone. If you need help finding a social, community or government service, 211 is available by phone and online chat. All our services are free.

CARE for Women

Recovery Acres Society
1839 – 27 Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2T 1H2
Phone: (403) 229-0795

Recovery Acres is a registered charity and non-profit organization that operates a fully accredited addiction treatment center. We have helped over 13,000 people over more than 40 years through our men’s treatment center, 1835 House.

Hinton Plaza

Addiction Services Guide
209 3rd Ave.
Strathmore, Alberta
T1P 1K2
Phone: (403) 361-7277

The Calgary Addiction Initiative Steering Committee, consisting of members from the Calgary Health Region (CHR), Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC), Norlien Foundation, Alberta Mental Health Board and members representing community services, have been working to compile this current guide to addiction services in Calgary and area. The lack of a compilation of services available has been identified by many as a need in this area.

Alcoholics Anonymous In The Province of Alberta

For the better part of a century, Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions struggling with an addiction to alcohol. “AA” is the largest 12-step styled support meeting in the world, and has alcoholics meeting weekly all across the globe. Alcoholics Anonymous primarily helps alcoholics regain the empathy and compassion they lost when they were addicted, and brings people with a common issue together to connect.

Remember to check the time and location of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in your area. Some meetings are open to everyone, while others are closed to alcoholics only.

Banff Monday Night Meeting

Open Meeting
Monday 8:00pm

305 Lynx Street
Banff, Alberta
T1L 1H7

Back From Hell Group

Closed Meeting
Thursday 7:00am

126B Main Street
T4B 0P8
Airdrie, Alberta

New Beginnings Group

Open Meeting
Friday 12:00pm

11625 Elbow Drive South West
T2W 1G8
Calgary, Alberta

Alano Mustard Seed Group

Open Meeting
Wednesday 8:00pm

10728 124th Street North West
T5M 0H1
Edmonton, Alberta

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