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Unplug and unwind

Surrounded by nature

Our unique Godmanchester location is a short drive from Ottawa and comes standard with stunning sunsets and sun rises courtesy of mother nature herself.

Our gardens invite residents to dig in and experience the healing nature of the soil first hand.  Hiking trails, a swimming pool, a fire pit and numerous walkways invite residents to get outside and breathe. 

Private Rooms with Ensuites

Room to rest and recover

When new residents arrive here, they have been through a lot already, and even though everyone has their own story one thing they all share is the need to feel safe and secure while they heal.

By giving our residents their own room with a private bath, we are helping them to improve the quality and quantity of rest they can enjoy. Many who come to us, had no problem passing out, but few ever got the recovery rest that comes from a deep sleep. 

It's not surprising that many become nappers here, and don’t worry if you  sleep through lunch, it happens here a lot! We make sure your lunch is saved for you when you wake up.

When you recover here, you will have all the assets needed to help your body repair and rejuvenate.

It's not all work here

Nutrition, Amenities and Activities

Days here at Sobriety are not all work, residents also enjoy healthy locally inspired and nutritious meals. And depending on the season, our residents can go fishing, bowling, hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking or gardening.

And no matter what  season it is, complementary alternative therapies including Yoga, TaiChi, Journaling, Meditation, Breath work and Mindfulness practices can be enjoyed here along with daily workouts in our onsite gym.

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