Early-Warning Signs of Alcoholism

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Warning Signs

Being able to spot the warning signs that you or a loved one may have a drinking problem, or be an alcoholic can help determine if the situation is out of control or dangerous. On top of that, being able to spot the warning signs can assist in seeking prompt treatment before the mental and physical health of someone affected by alcoholism deteriorates significantly. It’s no simple feat, as alcoholism does not always present in an “easy to spot” way, but knowing what to look for can save a life, possibly your own.

At Sobriety.ca Foundation, we can help you take note of the warning signs that surround alcoholism and get the treatment you or a loved one needs quickly. Our alcohol detox program, counselling and alternative therapeutic approaches help alcoholics regain control of their lives and prevent lasting damage.

Things to Look For:

Drinking at Inappropriate Times

While a glass of wine on date night is generally considered ok, there are times where drinking would be considered unseemly or unsuitable, and possibly negligent or dangerous. For example:

  • Drinking at work
  • Consuming alcohol alone
  • Having a few drinks in secret, to avoid confrontation or shaming
  • Morning drinking
  • Enjoying a few alcoholic beverages at a social event where no one else is doing the same
  • Drinking too much, even when attending an event or participating in an activity where alcohol is expected to be consumed and deemed appropriate (in modest quantities)

The Inability to Enjoy Oneself or a Social Function Without Alcohol

Alcoholics often find it difficult to enjoy spending time with friends and family, or participating in regular activities if alcohol is not present or permitted. If given the choice, many alcoholics will opt to stay home and drink instead of attending a church event for example, as their home is private and they feel safe drinking there. However, despite the wishes of an alcoholic, often they will force themselves to go out into the world and socialize or run errands, and will drink despite this being somewhat of a taboo depending on the activity. It is difficult for an alcoholic to make it through a normal day without drinking, and this is reflected in their behaviour. For family members and friends, it’s difficult to determine whether their alcoholic loved one has even begun drinking, as it’s commonplace for them to consume large amounts of alcohol, but coming to the realization that your loved one has had quite a bit to drink at an inappropriate time or place can leave a close friend or family member feeling somewhat betrayed and hurt.

Health Problems Caused by Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse

An alcoholism warning sign not to be ignored is when you or someone you know is experiencing chronic health problems due to alcohol abuse. Liver problems, kidney issues, heart murmurs and other alcohol related illnesses can result when you drink every day. Without treatment, this can transform into liver failure, kidney failure, heart disease and other deadly health problems. Though many of the health issues may not be reversible, with alcohol rehab you can stop them from worsening and learn how to manage them without further complications.

Note the Warning Signs of Alcoholism and Take Action With Sobriety.ca Foundation

If you have recognized some of these signs, or other concerns you believe are tied to a loved one’s, or your own, alcohol consumption, call Sobriety.ca Foundation. At our Godmanchester alcohol rehabilitation residence, you can put an end to alcoholism with tailor-made treatment programs and an alcohol detox procedure under careful medical supervision. Additionally, our aftercare services guarantee that you have the support, resources and tools available to you to maintain sobriety and a healthy lifestyle when your treatment is completed. Call 1-888-999-8101 now to learn more and begin your journey to recovery.