Obstacles to Success In Addiction Treatment

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Not Knowing When to Seek Treatment

Before even attending rehab, this common occurrence can be a major factor in why many alcoholics do not recover. Despite warnings from physicians, bosses, spouses, family and friends, many alcoholics continue on a destructive path. Of course they are only partly to blame for this, as alcoholism and denial are, have always been and always will be, dance partners.

Choosing a Treatment Option That Isn’t Right

Many folks will choose the path of least resistance when it comes to treating an alcohol addiction. It’s human nature, and easy to succumb to. Why would anyone spend more money on rehab if they can avoid it? Why would they opt to stay for a month instead of a week? Understandable questions. However, you can liken alcoholism treatment to losing weight. If a magic pill existed that allowed someone to lose fifty pounds in two days, with no consequences, no one would diet and exercise. Who has the time? The patience? The willpower? We all know, though, that no such magic pill exists, and that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat properly, exercise and show a tremendous amount of self-control. Alcoholism treatment is very similar. If years of addiction and psychological stress and damage could be reversed in a few days, there wouldn’t be too many alcoholics. There certainly wouldn’t be a rising number of them! Treatment, recovery and sobriety take time and effort, like everything good that comes in life. It’s important to remember that, and keep remembering it if the desire to get healthy and change one’s habits is truly desired.

Attitude, Honesty & Empathy

If a client takes the enormous step to seek treatment for their alcohol addiction, but arrives with a lousy attitude and maintains that attitude throughout treatment, they are only hindering their efforts towards sobriety. The same goes for their attitude towards the others present. If no empathy or understanding can be expressed towards fellow clients, going through similar hardships, it will be very difficult to reverse much of the psychological damage done by alcoholism. The same goes for dishonesty and an inability to take things seriously, or listen to the addiction counsellors and fellow clients. Both the professionals guiding a client through rehab, and those also attending the program, have valuable insights into numerous aspects of addiction. To ignore or dismiss these bits of knowledge, or scoff at another’s experiences because they may not apply to your situation, would continue inhibit success.

Rehab is a chance. A great chance, but a chance nonetheless. Rehab is the opportunity to tap into the inner strength, resilience and determination of an alcoholic to lift them away from addiction and burden. It requires sacrifice and a certain stoic attitude, but if a client applies themselves and takes advantage of all there is to offer during rehab, they can shut alcohol out of their lives forever, and truly prosper in their lives free of suffering and frustration.