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It has been scientifically proven that excessive drinking causes a great deal of damage to your body, especially your brain. Science has proven time and time again that abstinence is the best, but also helps your body recover from the damage that has taken place. Did you know that a woman’s brain is able to heal itself a lot quicker from excessive drinking than a man’s can? There have been studies that prove this statement as well as the fact that heavy drinking is the main culprit to the loss of white matter within the brain. White matter is an integral part that allows the communication to the various sections of your brain. Very recently studies had been conducted at the Boston University School of Medicine on 42 women and men that had been clean from heavy alcohol use for the time of five or more years. The researchers performed studies with use of an MRI machine, and to their surprise, the white matter volume located in the women’s brain had developed more quickly in comparison to the men’s within their first year of abstinence. The MRI results from the men showed very a start in redevelopment of white matter whereas the women’s had recovered and was starting to slow suggesting that women recover more quickly. With this new found information, scientists and doctors are optimistic in creating improved and more effective treatment methods for people who suffer from alcohol abuse. Along with new treatment, these findings allow more room for educating clients on the long term affects and damage that alcohol has upon the body.

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Women Recover from Alcohol Abuse Faster

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