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Why do women starting drinking?

While men tend to drink for simpler reasons than women, it really isn’t a fair comparison. Modern day women are facing multiple challenges that have arisen due to the success of equality. Women are matching men in salary and importance in the workplace, but it would seem that many women are still ‘holding down the fort’ on top of their own professional and social lives. Having a family while balancing a career outside of the home can lead to an enormous amount of pressure which can quickly become stress, which is one of the major reasons why women being to drink. The booze serves as a bit of an escape and ‘vacation’ away from reality for a few hours. Some of the other factors that have driven many women to the bottle include sexual abuse, in which case the alcohol may serve as a ‘anesthetic’ that suppresses the feelings of anger and shame from the original assault or repeated assaults in their past. Depression and anxiety are also common problems that arise for many women balancing a family and work life.

Drinking can sometimes alleviate a very mild depressive episode as well as regain control from some anxiety it is important to know that alcohol can become as big a part of the problem that some women face. Stress is a very difficult problem to deal with as it can gradually build up and eventually erupt into a major breakdown, but there are healthier ways to handle stress than alcohol, for example exercise, a hobby, or some other activity that lets you focus your attention elsewhere.

Sexual abuse is a very delicate subject. While alcohol is obviously not the answer it should be noted that abuse victims need individual and personal care. It is certainly possible for an abused woman to lead a normal and fulfilling life, but to avoid alcohol and addiction problems she would obviously need professional help as well as support from her friends and family.

There are many reasons for the woman of the 21st century to turn to the bottle, and not all of them have a problem. For those who do, it is important to seek help from a treatment program, or a rehabilitation center in order to help dismiss alcohol or drugs from your life so you can focus on the reasons that drove you to drink in the first place, and deal with said issues in a healthy manner.

Via LoveToKnow:

Not all women who try to juggle family responsibilities with a career or deal with depression or anxiety in their lives turn to alcohol as a way to cope. However, knowing that you may be at risk for developing a problem with alcohol may help you to choose other, healthier ways of coping with these issues.

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Why Do Women Start?

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