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Valentine’s Day Check-In

This Valentine’s Day remember to indulge in some self care and forgiveness.

What is Valentines Day ayway?

Is it a day for hearts, flowers and tiny love filled promises of joy? OR is it a day marking an allegiance to a belief system and a willingness to sacrifice oneself for those values?

Valentine’s day is actually both. For some it is a day of trysts, passion, kisses, candy and the promise that someone will “love you forever” while for others it is a day to solemnly remember those who were martyred for their beliefs.

However it for some, it can be a painful reminder that we are not sharing this day with a significant other. While for some people it is a day to relish the freedom of being unattached and free to make their own calls and go their own way.

And some people simply mark it as a Tuesday and get on with their day.

However you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day we want you to remember that your first love should always be YOU.

We are so often told what we are lacking what our short comings are and how we should be improved. We are being barraged with messaging telling us that we are too short, too fat, too thin, too old, too bold, too loud, too hard, too soft, too easy to bend or too rigid. Eventually this chatter solidifies into a belief system of sorts, into a “committee” that tries to steer our movements, decisions, our lives.

All these voices nattering on about what you are lacking can make you start to believe that you are undeserving of what you want in this life. These feelings of inadequacy can cause us to seek refuge in “comforts” that may not be in our best interests.
Let’s call that chorus of nattering naysayers that take up space in our minds the “Itty Bitty Sh**y Committee” or ”IBSC” for short.

When you are feeling overlooked, slighted or ignored you might close down, give up trying and miss out on an opportunity. Listening to the ”IBSC” may cause you to miss out on that promotion you deserve.

And when we are feeling physically unattractive, undesirable, un-wanted? We may just eat an entire tub of ice cream chased with a bottle of red wine. All the while that darn ”IBSC” is reminding us that we are just not good enough.

So, does all this indulging in the self harm that comes from listening to the ”IBSC” actually help?

Nope, NOT AT ALL, once the light of day breaks through the curtains, or the ice cream sugar rush fades and the wine hangover sets in, you are still in the same position you were yesterday. So what can we do to stop this cycle of hurt?
We can say “too heck with the ”IBSC”“.
Kick them all out, after all they are living in your head rent free! And what to they contribute? Nothing good I can tell you. So give them the boot and invite in a new committee.

Let’s call it the “Let Our Voices Encourage” Committee or LOVE for short.

Now when you wake up and look in the mirror each day listen to the LOVE committee remind you just how awesome you are.
Feeling slighted or overlooked, check in with LOVE and remember, that sometimes the things we think we need do not happen for a reason.
Maybe that new gig was never really going to bring you joy OR maybe your LOVE committee will empower you to speak up and ask for a chance to prove yourself, demand to be given that opportunity to SHINE!

Has your mirror got you down?

Rather than looking at your body as a series of unfortunate occurrences in motion listen to LOVE and see the remarkable machine that your body truly is. It is perfect because it is your vehicle in this life, and with it, the opportunities for owning your joy are endless.

Tap into the power of LOVE when you are on a path of healing

It is even more important to listen to the LOVE committee when you are in recovery, that other committee can overwhelm you with feelings of guilt and self loathing. It is super important to let the light from the LOVE committee shine into all those dark places, and start healing.
And should you still be suffering under the heavy weight of addiction reach out, you are not alone, we can help you ditch that other committee and help you build up your very own ”LOVE” committee. Call us at 1-888-999-8101 we are here, we see you and we can help.

Are we all smoothly polished statues, standing atop our pedestals magnificent in our perceived perfection?
Heck no!
We are human, we may be flawed, but when you are recognize that other committee starting up again, listen to your LOVE committee instead, and remember, just like Leonard Cohen sang.

”Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in“


Leonard Cohen

Valentine’s Day Check-in