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It’s a growing trend across the globe to offer addicts the chance to recover from their addiction instead of being thrown behind bars. Of course it makes sense to offer them something that has the chance of working instead of simply locking them up and hoping that they learn some sort of lesson that will prevent them from ever using drugs again. It makes further sense since most jails aren’t equipped or staffed with what they need to actually treat someone’s addiction, instead they suffer behind bars and many resume their habits the moment they are released.

China was not always known to be lenient towards drug addicts as many addicts were considered “immoral” and represented a bad example to their families and the rest of the country, but recently there have been major changes to this thought process in the way of allowing addicts the opportunity to enter treatment instead of being locked up for years.

“China is trying out free voluntary rehabilitation to help drug users end their addiction, after recent government regulations exempting drug users from punishment if they consent to such treatment. The Tian Kang rehabilitation centre in Beijing is part of this initiative. It welcomes addicts who voluntarily opt for treatment. Before receiving a treatment, drug users must sign an agreement to stay clean for at least three months, where they will be provided with psychological and counselling sessions designed to help them break the habit.”

This is an impressive move forward for China where previously many addicts lived in fear of very serious punishment due to their illness. In fact that remains a struggle for the government and treatment facilities. Many Chinese citizens still live in fear, but those in charge of recovery centers are urging hundreds of thousands of them to come forward and receive the care they need to end their addiction and move on with their lives.

Other countries should take note of this 180 that the Chinese government has done, as it is the only fair and just way to help someone who suffers from addiction. Jail time is not the answer, treatment is, and with all the success stories out there regarding addicts who have turned their lives around every government should be investing in the futures of current addicts. They are not immoral, criminals or second class citizens. They have a disease and it should be dealt with in that manner just like cancer or any other life-threatening illness.

Addicts deserve a second chance. They deserve to be treated humanely and with the appropriate level of care that they require, and as more and more addicts prosper because of effective treatment the more the stigma surrounding addiction will be broken.



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Treatment. Not Jail.

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