This Is No Fairy Tale Princess. She Can Help Those Fighting Addiction

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As Canadians many of us still look upon the royal family with admiration and interest. While they no longer have any real power over our lives, we still have somewhat of a fascination with them. The beautiful princess Kate Middleton is no exception, and for a young woman who has everything in the world she devotes a significant amount of her time to addiction related issues, including an education program in the UK that trains people (including former addicts) to become counselors and teachers who will spread their knowledge and experience with personal addiction, as well as their experiences with loved ones who have become addicts.

In a green Emilia Wickstead dress, under a Reiss coat, the Duchess of Cambridge first arrived at the Center in Warminster, England, to visit with students and staff members. While meeting with tutors she told degree program leader Derrick Anderson, “It must be so powerful for them to be talking to patients who have been through similar things. “They must get a huge amount from it.” Kate, 33, added that the holistic approach for the family was key. “Getting the whole family involved is so important. It doesn’t affect just one person,” the royal said.

Of course the princess could not have been more right. Like any other serious illness, addiction does not only have a profound effect on the individual, it can tear entire families apart, ruin marriages and devastate someone’s entire life. Treatment, in one form or another, is really the only way an addict can fully turn their lives around for the better, and who better to tweak and adjust the way we treat addiction than those who have known just how it works.

Those who’ve been visited by the princess have spoken very highly of her genuine interest, and particularly her ability to ask the right questions while still making sure to ask them in a way that furthers the discussion and shows unwavering support to those fighting back against the grips and debilitating impacts of addiction.

For those who’s struggle is ongoing, a high profile figure bringing attention to the issue is a very valuable moral asset. Whether she knows it or not, Princess Kate has an immense amount of influence and a certain charisma that can inspire those around her, and when it comes to dealing with a serious mental and physical illness like addiction, anything she brings to the table can be used effectively to help those who have lost hope.




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This Is No Fairy Tale Princess. She Can Help Those Fighting Addiction

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