The Stress During Holiday Season For Addicts and the Mentally Ill

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The holidays are upon us, even if it feels a little early. For many the holidays are a joyous occasion, and a great reason to share great food with loved ones and truly enjoy each others company. There is always some stress involved when it comes to Christmas, office parties, shopping and of course the big day itself which for kids is probably the best day of the year, but for adults it can be a juggling act with a turkey to cook and guests to please. While these concerns pop up just about every year, many forget that there are those who simply can’t deal with the stress of Christmas and in the US, thanksgiving as well. Spending time with family can be both a blessing and a curse, especially when you are suffering from certain illnesses like mental health problems and addiction. There is a certain standard expected by loved ones and friends that can be difficult to match when your mind is elsewhere. For many who are returning home for the holidays there is a certain feeling of shame, anxiety and stress that others probably don’t understand. The pressure to impress the family, or even just survive the ordeal of being reunited with people you haven’t seen in a while could drive an addict, or a mentally ill person to a state of reluctance and nervousness that could lead to serious consequences. The expectations of others at this time of year can drive some to the breaking point, something that back home or wherever they happen to be the rest of the year they don’t have to worry about. Even with the most caring and understanding family, an addict, mentally ill person or both could feel out of place or judged, even if that isn’t really the case. The desire to put on a holiday smile and endure a few days surrounded by people who may not understand the things an addict goes through could yield disastrous results and serious problems when the stress and other burdens of the holidays finally come to an end, and that’s where things can become dire for someone suffering from a mental disorder or an addiction.

The good news for those addicts and mentally ill folk who are concerned about being around family again is there are counselors and programs available to them during this stressful time of year. It’s actually a problem that has been acknowledged, and we all know that stress and addiction/mental illness don’t mix. It’s important for addicts to know that they need not feel vulnerable during the holidays, as there are people they can talk to to minimize the stress and despair they may be feeling. So if the prospect of holiday parties where you may be tempted, to a Christmas dinner with a family you may believe doesn’t understand your struggle, it’s important to remember that despite the emotions you may be experiencing there are options out there to help with the ordeal of holiday celebrations. You need not suffer during what is supposed to be one of the greatest celebrations of the year.

The Stress During Holiday Season For Addicts and the Mentally Ill