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Saint Patrick’s Day

Anxiety and a feeling of nervousness are common among many addicts, but these feelings can easily be exacerbated around certain holidays. Christmas is possibly the most trying time of year for many, but St-Patrick’s day comes with it a unique set of worries. It’s a day that’s been largely transformed into twenty-four hours (hopefully less for most) of whiskey and green beer drinking, which is of course very trying for anyone dealing with alcoholism. Those fresh out of rehab are at a particularly high risk of sinking back into old habits when alcohol is flaunted in front of them all day, and that’s why it’s important to take the following into consideration before heading to work or school on this most green of days

The Importance of The Word No:

The easiest way to avoid a tricky or unfavorable situation on St-Patrick’s day is to refuse any offers to see friends or family if alcohol will be around. It may even mean avoiding your town or city’s parade as they are often held in close proximity to bars, restaurants and pubs.

Spend The Day With Sober Friends or Family:

Simple. Straightforward. Even if some friends you haven’t seen for a while invite you to the pub after work, or to a rager of a party at night, opt to spend time with your non-drinking friends. Your other friends will understand, really!

Your New St-Patty’s Tradition:

You aren’t new to fresh starts. You know the routine. Perhaps it’s a better idea to make St-Patrick’s day a “reminder” day for the newfound strength you posses and attend a meeting or start something new and exciting to continue through the years.

Drinking Isn’t The Only Thing The Irish Are Known For:

You’re booze free now. Quite the accomplishment! Why not spend St-Patrick’s day learning something interesting about Ireland or the Irish people? Many North American cities have been tremendously influenced by the Irish culture, so it shouldn’t be too hard spending your afternoon or evening exploring the rich history of your city that was influenced so heavily by Ireland.

The Last Resort:

If avoiding a situation where alcohol will be present is impossible, then you need a back-up plan. Perhaps a white lie isn’t the worst thing. If offered an alcoholic beverage simply say you are intolerant to alcohol or that you are the designated driver. If all else fails and you need to get out of there quick, be sure to have prepared an “escape plan” beforehand and a solid excuse for why you need to leave.

With all these pointers, and the strength you posses, you are more than capable of enjoying an alcohol free St-Patrick’s day this year and for many years to come.

Wishing you all the prosperity and health today and always,

– Your Family at Sobriety

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Saint Patrick’s Day

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