Rehabilitation for Cocaine Addiction Works, According to New Study

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According to a new study from the UK’s National Treatment Agency for Substance Abuse (NTA), cocaine addiction recovery is very possible with addiction treatment that includes individual psychotherapy.

According to a recent study, an astounding one in ten entering drug addiction treatment in England are entering forcocaine addiction, a four-percent increase in the last four years.

Of these, more than one-third are 18-24 year olds from a broad spectrum of social backgrounds. They are also more likely to have jobs and are less likely to have housing problems.

According to Paul Hayes, NTA chief executive, although there has been an increase in the number of people using cocaine, they are also seeing more people seeking addiction treatment. Very good news indeed.

About 70% of the cocaine addicts in treatment stay in treatment, and either stop using cocaine completely or substantially reduce their use within six months of entering treatment—that is, 61% stop cocaine altogether and 11% substantially reduce their use.

Furthermore, those who are newly entering drug rehab for cocaine addiction also reduce their use of other drugs, including cannabis, alcohol, and amphetamines.

The study, which monitored over 3,000 study participants, represents the largest ever study into the effectiveness of cocaine addiction treatment in England.

Source: The NTA

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Rehabilitation for Cocaine Addiction Works, According to New Study

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