Poppers, thinners and nail polish. The frightening world of Inhalant abuse

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Inhalants are used by youth to achieve a temporary high. One of the main reasons adolescents and young adults use inhalants versus more traditional drugs is that inhalants can be found around the house in everyday substances. The ‘high’ from these chemicals are usually attained via gas or vapor entering the through the mouth or nose. Inhalants are sometimes referred to as ‘poppers’ or ‘snappers’. Poppers can be used to enhance sexual activity as it relaxes muscles, gives euphoria, and a head rush that leads to heightened sex drives.

The other most common inhalant is nitrous oxide. Also known as ‘laughing gas’ the substance is also ingested by way of mouth and nose. The high does not last very long, which in many cases, results in repeated and dangerous amounts of use.

Via Treatment4Addiction:

The most widely known inhalants are paint thinners, nail polish remover, gasoline, glues, spray cans, butane lighters, and video hand cleaner.

The most common danger associated with inhalant abuse is hypoxia. Hypoxia occurs when the body is deprived of oxygen. Hypoxia can lead to certain side-effects such as trouble learning and memory problems. From continuous use the substance ‘myelin’ that protects nerve fibers can degrade and lead to muscle tremors and spasms.

Due to the strengths of some inhalants, death can often occur. It is important that, while there may not be many ‘serious’ symptoms of withdrawal, that anyone using inhalants stop immediately and seek out therapy and narcotics programs that can help minimize the damage and assist in the eventual quitting process.

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Poppers, thinners and nail polish. The frightening world of Inhalant abuse

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