Pope Francis Criticizes Drug “Liberalization”

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During the world youth day festival in Brazil, pope Francis came out against drug cartels and dealers. He also condemned the ‘liberalization’ of drug laws in Latin America. It is admirable to make a speech that comes down hard on drug dealers and those who profit on the addiction habits of others, is the Pope correct in denouncing more progressive laws concerning drugs? Some Latin American countries including Uruguay are close to legalizing the sale of Marijuana, with others also debating the x’liberalization’ of certain substances, all in an effort to curb the sale of illegal drugs as well as the violence surrounding drug cartels and dealing operations.

Via TheFix:

A reduction in the spread and influence of drug addiction will not be achieved by a liberalization of drug use, as is currently being proposed in various parts of Latin America.

The Pope is an important religious (and sometimes political) figure, and often has the ear of millions of Catholics worldwide. His condemnation of ‘dealers of death’, a term he has used to refer to drug dealers, makes sense, as they are an integral part in the spread of illegal drugs throughout South and North America. But it is difficult to see whether his stance against being more lenient on drug use are on par with the direction and progression of many nations today. The Pope is well known for his compassion for drug addicts, but is he out of touch with the way drug reform is taking place? One thing is for certain, his sentiments concerning drugs and addiction are, to many, inspirational whether you are religious or not:

Via TheFix:

It is necessary to tackle the problems which are at the root of drug abuse,” he said, “promoting more justice, educating the youth with the values that live in society, standing by those who face hardship and giving them hope for the future.

Pope Francis Criticizes Drug “Liberalization”