Personal Spirituality May Be Just As Important As Group Therapy and Addiction Meetings

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The connection between spirituality and addiction recovery is often an important one for many addicts trying to kick their destructive habits. Spirituality has many definitions and to some it means submiting to a higher power, while to others it means connecting yourself to someone or some notion that can provide you with the strength you need to combat addiction and attain wellness, sobriety and lasting health. Whatever definition you decide fits best for your circumstances success in dealing with a serious addiction and the stories about others succeeding is something that can play a very big role in the recovery process, especially when you hear how their personal version of spirituality played such a key role in their victory over drugs and alcohol. The city of Winchester, VA held a heroin forum where guest speakers were called in to inspire the community which has been hard hit by the heroin epidemic that is placing an enormous burden on many small towns and communities across North America. The speakers were offering something new to many who suffer from addiction; success stories. To some, hearing about another person’s success may sound like a taunt, especially if that person is preaching rather than telling a real story, but there is no denying that Justin Dennis, who was an addict for 20 years, was truly speaking personally and emotionally about his lifelong struggle with drugs and in the latter part of his addicted life his struggle with heroin.

He said that he first got high when he was only 12 years old, and continued to seek that kind of euphoria when he was unhappy. He says that now, he realizes that his drug use robbed him of anything that could have actually made him happy. “It stole everything from me, my childhood, my education,” said Dennis. “You know, growing up being addicted, I didn’t grow up playing sports or anything like that, so I struggled with every aspect of life, how to cope, how to deal with life, everything.” While he was addicted to drugs, Dennis says that he did actually try to recover, but he says that he, like many who are addicted to drugs, failed many time because he thought he could recover by “managing” his addiction, rather than facing it head-on.

He also mentions that spirituality goes hand in hand with groups and meetings in the recovery process, and that in fact it’s role is so important that to leave it out of the process would be denying someone such an integral and meaningful tool to help them and that it could lead to things simply falling apart all together for a recovering addict.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s God you answer to or perhaps something less theistic. Practically every culture on Earth believes something spiritual and these beliefs have the power to do great things in the lives of every day people, so it should only make sense that the same good can have a positive effect on the lives of those struggling every day to manage or fight an addiction. If addiction begins to control every aspect of your life it only makes sense to fight back with the only other thing that has such a profound effect and that is someone’s most core beliefs and spiritual connections.



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Personal Spirituality May Be Just As Important As Group Therapy and Addiction Meetings

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