It’s the long term when heroin side effects can get really nasty

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Heroin is used by millions of people across the world as it causes relaxation and intense euphoria, however, one of the hardest recreational drugs out there. It is one of the most damaging drugs as it is very easy to build up a tolerance. When injected or smoked the drug invades the blood-brain barrier and latches onto the receptors in the brain and starts to change the way the brain deals with moods. Some of the side effects are unpleasant, severe and uncomfortable, but for many the immediate effects of the drug far outweigh the negative consequences. Long-term use of heroin is when things get nasty. When first injecting heroin it is all about the euphoric high that one receives. Over the long-term is when it becomes about warding off the withdrawal, and the subsequent symptoms that ensue.

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As with most illicit drugs the damaging effects of heroin to the body can be severe. The damage that heroin can cause the body can last a long time and sometimes may be irreparable. Side effects of heroin use can result from the neurological damage, the administering damage and self-induced destruction. Although there are few Heroin withdrawal symptoms long-term, a chronic user may find reoccurring symptoms long after they have sustained use.

Addiction to heroin is both physical and psychological, and brings with it many health problems. Heroin is most commonly injected by needle, which brings with it’s own problems. Obviously to some heavy users it seems cost and time effective to share needles which can lead to serious health problems such as AIDS and Hepatitis.

Not only the science behind heroin is scary. Many heroin addicts say they started using because of the “heroin culture” or “drug culture”. The so-called culture is not easily defined, but is hallmarked by emotional problems, violent up-bringing and parental neglect.

Whether the reason for a heroin use is physical or psychological, the fact remains that in the end, it’s damaging. The immediate pleasure attained when beginning the drug quickly turns into a need to stop the pain of withdrawal from the drug itself.

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It’s the long term when heroin side effects can get really nasty

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