How to protect your liver if you drink alcohol

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The liver is an essential organ. It filters literally every nutrient that is consumed by the body. It serves as an even more important filter for alcohol, and it is important to know that the liver detoxifies the alcohol in our blood. The short term effects from drinking a lot of alcohol can immediately affect other organs such as the heart and brain when the liver works too hard and can’t keep up. More worrying are the long term effects of alcohol consumption, which include:

  • Destruction of liver cells
  • Fatty deposits in the liver
  • Inflammation (Hepatitis)
  • Liver cancer

Via Canadian Liver Foundation:

If there’s one thing that most people understand about the liver it’s that it serves as the body’s liquor control board. When you have a glass of wine, beer or other liquor, the liver is in charge of processing this alcohol and detoxifying the blood.

Liver damage can be caused by acute over-consumption of alcohol, as well as chronic alcohol use. There are ways to minimize the damage caused by alcohol, such as setting limits when out with friends, don’t mix alcohol with any form of medication and avoid drinking on a daily basis.

Obviously avoiding alcohol all together is the best way to avoid liver disease and failure. It is important, however, to know your safe amount of alcohol, and for women in particular it is important to consume alcohol carefully as alcohol is absorbed more in females.

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How to protect your liver if you drink alcohol

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