How the stigma around alcoholism is part of the problem

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Alcoholism is classified as both a medical and psychiatric disease. This is an important thing to note, as it helps in the eventual recovery of people addicted to drinking. There is a problem that arises that prevents many alcoholics from seeking help, that problem is the stigma that surrounds alcoholism. There exists the notion that alcoholics wind up homeless or broken because of their addiction, as well as being stereotyped, and looked down upon. It is because of these social factors that many alcoholics do not seek treatment as it may lead to friends and loved ones learning of their addiction and causing shame. It should be pointed out that alcoholism is considered a treatable disease and with support groups and rehabilitation one can emerge prosperous from their addiction.

Via Treatment4Addiction:

According to a 2010 study, more than sixty percent of those who believe they have a drinking problem shy away from any form of treatment due to the negative stigma of being an alcoholic.

Many people believe that alcoholism is the result of a lack of willpower or weakness. This simply isn’t true, it’s a disease. While there exists a stigma with alcoholism it is unfair for those surrounding an alcoholic to berate them or treat them differently simply because they can’t seem to kick the habit on their own.

The stigma needs to change if there is to be any progress in treating people with drinking problems. There is ever evolving science exploring this disease, and it should be treated like any other illness. It simply wouldn’t make sense for someone to self destruct and blame themselves because they have been diagnosed with a serious disease, and that is the way that alcoholism needs to be examined, in addition to more education surrounding it. Often alcoholics cannot break free of the disease without support, and it is reassuring to know that the medicine and psychiatry behind alcoholism is being explored more and more in an effort to assist those who are trapped in their own drinking habits.

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How the stigma around alcoholism is part of the problem

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