Heroin Injections for Heroin Addicts in the UK

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Recently, CNN reported on a new, relatively innovative and controversial, treatment program in the UK—treating heroin addicts with heroin. The program is being led by a research team at Britain’s National Addiction Centre, associated with King’s College in London.

Government-funded heroin clinics dispense controlled, safe doses of heroin to addicts in a controlled, safe environment. Moreover, while the physical addiction and cravings are controlled, addicts participate in an intensive counseling and addiction treatment program.

Counselors reported to CNN that the “bond that is formed and the commitment that’s established between the patient coming in for treatment and the staff is far greater than you would ever ordinarily see.”

The program, however, is expensive–$22,000 per client per year. With the social stigma of heroin and heroin use in combination with the hefty price tag, many fear that the program will be shut down. However, those involved say the initial cost is by far offset by the long term social and economic savings—the social and financial costs of street addicts, jail time, repeat offenses, and the seemingly never-ending cycle of addiction.

The goals of the program, although lofty, have proven achievable. The program has aimed to take heroin of the streets, stop heroin-associated crimes, keep addicts safe and healthy, stopping the spread of heroin-associated diseases, and getting heroin addicts into a successful treatment program.

Thus far, reports have shown that street heroin use is down by 75% and associated-crimes by 66%. These numbers are not simply about having a free supply of heroin, clients of the program report wanting to stop heroin completely. A medically supervised program, heroin injections are safe and clean, reducing the risk of overdose and the contraction and spread of injection drug associated diseases.

Watch the report here:

Source: CNN.com

Heroin Injections for Heroin Addicts in the UK