Food Fight: Debating red wine’s health benefits

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The benefits of red wine can pale against the risks of addiction.

The benefits of having a glass of red wine with dinner a few times per week have been documented, but is it as good for you as some experts say? Red wine can help dilate the arteries of the heart and keep blood pumping properly, which can help prevent heart attacks and strokes, but the alcohol in the wine can be detrimental to everything it touches including the mouth and liver. Women are particularly at risk because of their lower tolerance to alcohol as well as having an increased chance of breast cancer when ingesting larger amounts of booze, including red wine. Not to mention excessive drinking can completely negate the so called health benefits of red wine, which is also extremely fattening.

Via The Star:

Depending on the study, day of the week or which way the wind blows, red wine is a healer or a killer.

While a few glasses of wine per week can keep some people healthy, it is important for drinkers to gauge how much they consume as that is what is most important. Canadian health guidelines propose that women have two drinks or less per day while men three drinks or less, and translated into red wine it boils down to about three and a half ounces per day. By exceeding these limits the so called benefits soon fade and result in more problems than they’re worth even for someone who does not consider themselves a ‘heavy’ drinker.

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Food Fight: Debating red wine’s health benefits

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