Fentanyl: King of Opiates is the Addict Killer & Drug Crisis

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Fentanyl: King of Opiates is the Addict Killer

Fentanyl Is A Big Reason Why An Addict May Want To Get to Drug and Alcohol Treatment soon

It’s one of the most powerful pain killers ever produced. The pharmaceutical painkiller is 20 times stronger than heroin and up to 100 times more potent than morphine. It’s potency makes it deadly. A minuscule amount can kill you and fast. Like flipping a switch. Sure then just avoid fentanyl at all costs. That’s the problem. You can’t. The new menace is you might never when you’re taking fentanyl these days if you consume illegal drugs.

Addicts Never Even Make It To Drug Rehab

According to a recent expose in Maclean’s Magazine, authorities in Alberta linked the drug to 120 fatalities in 2014. In British Columbia, it killed almost 80 people and was responsible for a quarter of all drug deaths, up from just five per cent in 2012. In Ontario, where 625 people died of opioid overdoses in 2013, fentanyl was involved in 133 of those cases.

Fentanyl now kills twice as many people as heroin, making it king of the killers. However few people know about the fentanyl scourge outside police and addiction treatment circles and drug and alcohol rehabs.

Fentanyl, is medically usually for the most extreme forms of chronic pain, including palliative care and cancer treatment. It’s a controlled pharmaceutical usually only administered for severe chronic pain and end of life situations.

But Fentanyl has steadily been gaining popularity as a street drug. It has an intense powerful high that hooks people quickly. Drug and Alcohol Treatment centres have been seeing a steady rise in Fentanyl addicts. However, that’s not the really scary news.Not everyone makes it to drug rehab. What’s frightening is that Fentanyl has gone to be a rare up and coming street drug to the secret ingredient in other drugs.

Opiate is Filling up Addiction Treatment Centers

According to Macleans police are reporting a massive upsurge in both the legitimate prescription patches and illicitly manufactured fentanyl—often sold in pill form and made to look like OxyContin, a far less powerful narcotic. That said the potency of OxyContin is nothing to sniff at.

Drug Withdrawal Drives Addicts to Consume Random Drugs

A desperate addict will often consume anything they think will provide them with relief from drug withdrawal. Because fentanyl is more powerful than most drugs by a quantum leap, even a cautious drug addict might easily overdose without warning. And as fentanyl-laced substances proliferate, odds of that happening increases.

People who sell drugs have constant motivation for increasing the strength and concentration of their drugs. So it’s likely fentanyl will continue to proliferate and could become even more powerful.

For the addict, though, that means the odds of fatal encounter simply increase with time. Although drug and alcohol addiction has always been a dangerous business fentanyl dramatically increases the odds of an unexpected finale. It’s just about avoiding the lifestyle of addiction. It may make the need for drug and alcohol treatment all the more urgent.

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Fentanyl: King of Opiates is the Addict Killer & Drug Crisis

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