Ecstasy May Not Be The Drug We Should Be Worried About

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Dr. Perry Kendall, BC’s top health official, has been reported as saying that taking the pure form of ecstasy can be safe for adults, but he does not have an opinion on the legalization of the drug. Dr. Kendall believes that the pure form of the drug can be used by psychiatrists in trials, but the dirty, impure version of the drug should be avoided completely as you can’t guarantee what’s in the ecstasy sold on the street or what’s in it. Kendall believes that if ecstasy or MDMA, if legalized, should be strictly regulated and only sold by government authorized facilities. Another bonus, Kendall says, is that if legalized MDMA would be so controlled that the criminal dealings on the streets would potentially be eradicated. With tough regulation it is possible that if you know your dose you could potentially (over the age of majority) purchase ecstasy in a similar way to alcohol.

With the previous ideas in mind, is it possible that ecstasy has simply been given a bad reputation? Many people have been told and warned over the dangers of the drug, but that may have something to do with the fact that ecstasy has always been known as party or “rave” drug. As well as being associated with younger people and risky behavior. Unlike other forms of drugs which are used at home or somewhere like a drug “den” (Heroin/Meth/Crack) ecstasy is something a bit different. The reason people use ecstasy is for an increased and heightened experience of another experience. For instance a dark club with a laser show and loud thumping music that doesn’t stop all night.

The argument should be made that the majority of party people who are consuming ecstasy are not using a pure form whatsoever. Drug dealers selling the pills often put their brand on the pill which to some offers a choice in “quality” or a way to remember which dirty pill you took last time in order to select which ones are better suited to your needs. Just because you’ve discovered which type of impure ecstasy pill you enjoy the most, it doesn’t mean that you’re partying safer. There are plenty of reports of people overdosing on just one pill because of how impure and toxic the hit was. While most people don’t die from taking a pill, the danger still exists and should be taken into advisement before you decide to try ecstasy for the first time.

There is ongoing research in the area of MDMA and it’s effects and whether or not purity is as safe as some health officials say. Many in the medical field now agree that ecstasy is not addictive (in it’s most pure form) and that some of the side effects are wildly exaggerated. In addition to that there seems to be no proof that MDMA impairs cognitive functioning. A Harvard Medical School assistant professor warns that ecstasy can change body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate, but he also believes the drug can be safely administered in a research setting.

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Ecstasy May Not Be The Drug We Should Be Worried About

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