Can you get high without drugs? Altered States: Provocative new show inspired at Sobriety Home

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if you could experience the positive sensations of drugs without doing them why would you do drugs?

That’s the idea behind a provocative new live show playing at a major film festival, partially developed at Sobriety Home, a drug treatment centre in Huntingdon Quebec.

Altered States by Cinematic and Hypnotic Means plays Montreal’s biggest film festival, le Festival du Nouveau Cinema, October 19th, and makes a shocking promise.

“People can experience many drug sensations without the lethal risks of drugs,”  said Laughologist and award-winning Filmmaker Albert Nerenberg, who leads the performance.

Nerenberg told he got the idea for the show while working at Sobriety Home Drug Treatment Centre in Huntingdon, Quebec.

“I was surprised to learn that a lot of addicts believe there is only one way to feel good or high and that’s of course with drugs,” he said. “It’s amazing to consider that this might all be in the mind to begin with.”

Nerenberg who also works as a hypnotherapist says that making people feel like they’re drunk is a known hypnotic technique.

“It’s a very entertaining parlour trick,”  he said. “But when you look deeper it’s really quite amazing and perhaps profound. People who experience this, will describe the feeling as being quite real and pleasant. A person can be made drunk in about 10 seconds and the sensation can be made to go away in seconds. And there’s no hang over.”

Nerenberg said he’s been able, under hypnosis,  o produce many of the sought after effects of drugs and alcohol – deep relaxation, taking the edge off, hallucination, tripping, bonding, and major feelings of altered consciousness. As well, by using powerful cinematic imagery it’s possible to make an entire audience hallucinate together.

“I’m not talking about subtle contact highs here. People describe these experiences as completely real and we see physical side effects. Accelerated heart rates, pupil dilation, full hallucinations,”  said Nerenberg. “It doesn’t happen to everyone first time, but anyone who goes into a deep hypnotic trance is likely to experience it. ”

“There’s a lot of evidence the search of altered states is a natural part of human behaviour,” said Nerenberg. “But why we’re trying to prove here is that you don’t have to risk your health and your life to get there.”

Nerenberg says at the actual show, the audience will experience a series of mass states. Using hypnotic techniques Nerenberg will demonstrate that people can experience altered states without negative side effects.

“Hypnosis is generally safe and has no side effects except for a feeling of relaxation,” he said.

John Griffin of the Montreal Gazette, described Altered States as “Mind blowing,” The show performance includes the band Induction a musical ensemble that specializes in hypnotic music.

Altered States by Cinematic and Hypnotic Means, Saturday Oct 19th 9 pm at Cinema du Parc. As part of  le Festival du Nouveau Cinema.

For more information or tickets to Altered States go to:

Altered States by cinematic and hypnotic means at le festival du nouveau cinema October 19th.



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Can you get high without drugs? Altered States: Provocative new show inspired at Sobriety Home

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