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The Health Department in the UK has released an alcohol tracker smart phone app, ‘Drinks Tracker’, to help you keep track of your alcohol consumption, reports the BBC. We all know how difficult the holiday season can be. It is an especially difficult and dangerous time of the year for those struggling with substance abuse, particularly with alcohol. With the holidays comes party after party, situations ripe for social drinking. It can be all too inviting to go overboard, especially when you can’t seem to know when to stop.With Britain’s Department of Health’s drinks tracker, you receive a personalised chart of your alcohol consumption. A ‘drinks diary’, you can monitor and very literally see that you’re drinking too much.The app is offered free across the UK, downloaded straight to your smart phone (internet access on your phone required) from the NHS Choices website or iTunes.For those without a smart phone, or not in the UK, a downloadable drinks tracker for your desktop is available at the NHS Choices site.

The tracker requires that you enter the number of alcoholic drinks consumed each day, and providing you with a personal graph that tracks your alcohol drinking habits, making it very clear whether you are drinking too much.The tracker helps you become aware of your excessive alcohol consumption, can help you avoid alcohol by holding you accountable, or signal that you may need professional help including residential alcohol addiction treatment.The tracker is part of the British government’s £9 million “Know Your Limits” marketing campaign, aimed at encouraging safe drinking habits in relation to the healthy drinking guidelines set forth by the Department of Health.Source: BBC News

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Alcohol Tracker App In Time for The Holidays

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