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The Comeback of Melatonin

Melatonin has made a comeback, once again into the market in order to help people relax and unwind. Melatonin is known worldwide for its ability to help people sleep and is available over the counter at any local drug store. The biggest craze in the 90’s was its use for curing anyone who suffered from jet lag. Currently, on the market are brownies that contain melatonin. They are made to soothe people and somewhat copy the same effects that hash brownies would have on an individual. Great thing about them, they are completely legal at the moment and available at your local 7-eleven and Walgreens.

A couple different names for these new “hash brownies” are Lazy Cakes, Lulla Pies, and Kush Cakes. Such clever little names that these brownies do possess and they are only a few dollars each. Typically a bottle of 60 8 – milligram Melatonin would cost someone about $12. Another perk to these Melatonin brownies is that in some locations, they may be available for purchase with a food stamp card.

This particular product has not been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration; they have not stated that Melatonin is safe as a food additive. The manufacturers of these Lazy Cakes have stated that they are producing these cakes to help promote relaxation and healthy sleep. Twitter and Facebook have promoted these brownies quite well, who can beat viral marketing? There are people that have commented on how they suffer from bipolar disorder and major anxiety/panic attacks whom are actually prescribed medication for their issues, who have started to purchase these relaxation brownies and have seen a significant difference.

There have been other accounts of people who suffer from insomnia and have purchased Lazy Cakes and were able to sleep for more than twelve hours at one time. Who can beat an all natural substance? Melatonin is a chemical that your body produces on its own to help you relax and fall asleep. Some people may need a little boost – of Melatonin…not other prescription drugs. It is not a shock to hear that most people prefer an all natural supplement over prescription medication.

On the flip side of all of these wonderful qualities that a Lulla Pie has, there are doctors and scientists stating how this brownie is really masking that fact that people are still taking a drug. This debate can go back and forth but again, Melatonin is natural versus something like Ambien or Zopiclone which are highly habit forming and addictive and has been linked to prescription drug addiction for many. Another statement doctors have made is that the brownies may cause adverse reactions in people who take sedatives or birth control pills. This is true for any product going into the body. People just need to be aware and smarter about what they are taking. There is always going to be a side effect if mixing more the one “drug” at a time.

As far as marketing goes, Lazy Cakes and Kush Cakes have very neat packaging, very appealing to the eye. It has been said “although light and fun…if taken while driving, you may find yourself in a ditch.” It cannot be said enough, there are directions and anything that relaxes you or makes you sleepy shouldn’t be taken prior to driving anywhere at any time, its common sense.

People that take these cakes on a regular basis will say that they do it to get goodnights sleep and they also do not take them until they are where they need to be for the night. Some have it down to where they eat half a brownie earlier in the day and then the other half later. As with everything, people may stand on different sides of the fence when it comes to this product. On that same note, a good night’s sleep can do wonders for people.

During rehabilitation and recovery from any sort of drug or alcohol addiction, an important factor is to restore the sleep cycle. Some people find it extremely easy to sleep while others may have difficulty doing so. For some people that do not get the proper amount of sleep why prescribe a medication if there is a natural product they can take? A good night’s rest helps one keep their mind and body balanced and maintain focus on staying sober.

At Sobriety Home, we know the importance of sleep when it comes to recovery which is why we offer the accommodations that we do. Clients have their own private room which helps to support a healthy sleep cycle. Since personal space is also crucial when it comes to relaxing, when a client has their own room, this is achieved as well.

People who suffer from sleep deprivation are far more likely to relapse versus someone who is well rested. There have been numerous scientific studies that back this information up. With lack of sleep, this is also known to trigger bipolar qualities as well as spin people into a manic or depressive state. There have been people, famous people that have simply been trying to get a goodnights rest yet wound up dead from an overdose on prescription medication, for example in the case of Michael Jackson. You be the judge on what’s best for you and your body.

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Alcohol rehab center promotes better sleep with private room