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Time Magazine recently published ‘Treating Alcohol Addiction: A Pill Instead of Abstinence?‘, discussing the use of balcofen for treating alcohol and other substance addictions.

Balcofen, although approved for relaxing muscle spasms, is being increasingly prescribed and used as an anti-craving medication. Although scientific evidence has yet to be conclusive, there is much anecdotal evidence floating around–and grabbing headlines.

Many report that regular use of balcofen aids in resisting triggers (friends, environments, sights, smells, sounds, etc.), and thus prevents relapse. Some even say that they can now occasionally drink, able to resist bingeing: “I realized I wasn’t having that nagging feeling in my head, ‘I should really get a drink. It never appeared during the dinner either so that was the eureka moment.,” Bob, a balcofen user, tells Time Magazine. Bob now can drink moderately, a few times a week, never more than a beer or two.

Balcofen attacks cravings at their centre–intercepting the release of dopamines in response to a physical cue. But to remain effective, the medication needs to be taken indefinitely as cravings return almost immediately after use is stopped.

Miracle cure? Probably not.

Effective treatment? Very possibly.

Many addiction treatment centres firmly adhere to an absolute abstinence treatment model, ignoring the health benefits of harm reduction treatments. Treatment there is all or nothing. At Heritage Home, however, we stay on the cutting-edge of addiction research and new treatment methods, recognizing that different therapies are effective for different people. As a small residential treatment centre, we have the freedom to design a treatment program that best fits, and therefore give the best possible outcome for, the individual.

Recovery takes a different path for each addict. At times, for some people, anti-craving and other addiction treatment medications are an effective bridge to longterm sobriety, helping in the initial phases of recovery. For others, they are a permanent part of their lives after-treatment.

Either way, our goal is your success.

Alcohol Addiction and Balcofen