A Role Model Is The Best Anti-Drug

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With more and more research being done to identify what leads many teens into drinking and substance abuse, more focus is being put on finding out just how much influence parents or guardians have over their young charges. Things like a chaotic home, family friends who use drugs openly during family dinners, get-togethers and reunions and ineffective parenting could be the biggest factors to be blamed for why so many kids are lighting up, drinking and whatever else that may be harmful. If parents do show more interest and involve themselves so that their kids do well in school and play sports then the likelihood of their kids turning to drugs and alcohol is diminished significantly. Things like a very strong family bond and a no-use drug policy at home are important ways to establish a role-model type relationship between parents and children, and if a child sees the success and happiness that their parents have achieved without drinking too much or using drugs, they will see that substance abuse has no place in being successful and has no place in attaining maturity.

There are a few tips that should be kept in mind while trying to raise a drug and alcohol free family. For one, being a day-to-day example of your values, virtues and honesty will have a very powerful effect on children who so often mimic the way their parents handle themselves. Showing compassion, honesty, generosity and openness will instill these values into the core of children, and being as open as possible about the subject of drugs and alcohol will ultimately work out in the favor of the parents because the kids will see and understand the best reasons to avoid drugs and booze.

Another important thing to consider is the tricky situation of “Do as I say, not as I do”. If you takes drugs and drink too much in front of your kids, you are telling them that that behavior is perfectly ok and the children will have a much more relaxed attitude towards drugs and alcohol. Such a relaxed attitude could lead to kids and teens thinking that it isn’t such a big deal to drink or smoke a joint and will probably have no qualms about experimenting a little.

Parents significantly influence teen smoking and drinking. Your kids need your support during the difficult years of childhood.
Research shows that teens who perceive that their parents like them, respect them, take them seriously, listen to them and give reasons for rules and decisions that involve them are less likely to smoke and drink.

Honesty and involvement will be the biggest weapons in a parent’s arsenal when raising their kids to be drug and alcohol free. If kids are dealt with honestly and openly they will respect the information their parents are providing, and will keep them from resorting to drugs to deal with their troubles and difficulties and will instead lead them to seek more advice from their loving and helpful parents.



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A Role Model Is The Best Anti-Drug

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