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The issue of wellness in recovery is becoming more and more prevalent especially when mixed with terms like spirituality. Wellness can be both physical and mental as many people suffering from addiction experience problems with both their physical body and their psychological well-being. It’s proven time and time again that addiction and mental health issues often go hand in hand, therefore it is important for those seeking to end their addiction and go on to live a healthy life address both their physical needs as well as those affecting their mental health. For the purpose of this article we will discuss the physical part in more detail as it also has a direct effect on mental wellness and health through the proper treatment arrangements and support systems that will allow an addict to succeed in recovery and mental prosperity in the future.

The first big step in recovery is of course the admission on a problem and an attack plan to deal with the physical aspects of an addiction. Substances like alcohol, heroin and cocaine for instance often lead to a physical addiction where someone who uses those substances finds themselves physically compelled to continue to use and abuse which can take a major toll on someones physical health. These drugs can, on their own, cause a myriad of nasty side effects as well as serious problems when used for a significant period of time and can also lead to death by overdose or serious ailments that can also result in death.

There are a few tips that can have a profound impact on the recovery process, and they are considered wellness tips that many addicts new to recovery may not have thought about because of how simple they are. Let’s explore them now.

  • First of all, due to the physical strain that some substances can have on the body, seeing your doctor is a fundamental first step towards recovery and good health in the new bright future ahead of you. While not all family physicians are addiction experts, they will be able to help you manage chronic symptoms and health concerns you may have as a result of your drug use. Alcohol for instance puts a particular strain on the liver, while other substances often affect the heart and kidneys, and for smokers the obvious worries are centered around the lungs and throat. A doctor can help assess the potential damage caused by these drugs and can put together a treatment plan and may even be able to recommend specialists who will be able to help you even more.
  • Second, a reliable support system can have very positive effects on our emotional well-being and this can ultimately help the physical aspect of things if we are surrounded by understanding and caring friends and family who have our best interests at heart. While this suggestion is more on the side of mental wellness than physical, if we have a strong foundation of care and support we are more likely to make better decisions with our health and body and move towards a better lifestyle that will lead to better health in the future.
  • In addition to addressing your health concerns with your doctor, establishing an exercise regime has been shown to have a lasting effect when it comes to recovery and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise has also been shown to help with mental health issues as well as providing a goal to strive for and the raising of self-esteem which is something many addicts struggle with while addicted, during treatment and in the continued recovery process post-treatment.

Keeping this tips in mind may prove beneficial in the recovery process, and due to how difficult it may be to end an addiction (even with a plan, program or 12-step like program) an addict needs all the tools they can use in order to begin a new life.



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A Few Tips For Wellness During The Recovery Process

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