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Arguably one of TVs most watched series Breaking Bad and main character Walter White have entertained the masses for the past few years on AMC and Netflix. But did you know there are a few real life bad breakers who have been brought to the attention of the media recently? Lets take a look.

A Montana man in his 50’s also named Walter White has been sentenced to 12 years on drug and fire arm charges for dealing what the DEA calls: an “extraordinary” quantity of methamphetamine. Oddly enough, just like the fictional Walter White, the real White said that drug dealing wasn’t something he would ever do, but once he started he became “addicted” to selling meth. Although the fictional Mr. White was a high school chemistry teacher and literally brewed his own methamphetamine, the real Walter White did not cook up his own supply, but instead dealt the drugs who were supplied to him by a counter-part in California. Upon the real Mr. White’s arrest the DEA and police found two handguns, $15,000 and four ounces of meth, which the judge involved in the case said was nothing in comparison to the 32 pounds of meth he is accused of dealing all across the state.

Via The Independent:

Judge says TV character’s namesake distributed an ‘extraordinary’ quantity of methamphetamine across Montana

Second, we meet a Mr. Stephen Doran who teaches math at the Match Charter School in Boston, MA. Mr. Doran, aged 57, has cancer, just like Walter White in Breaking Bad, but the similarities don’t end there. Mr. Doran was arrested by state troopers after they discovered 480 grams of methamphetamine in his possession which were mailed to him at his school by the US Postal Service. The police have said that Mr. Doran was in possession of $50,000 worth of meth, and after searching his home found $10,000 in cash and an additional 38 grams of meth.

Via Daily Mail:

When he appeared in court, bald-headed Doran’s lawyer said he has undergone months of chemotherapy for stage three cancer. ‘His life was on the line – literally,’ he said.

Third, we have Mr. Dicky Joe Jackson, who was spending time in jail for moving a kilo of marijuana in the late 80’s when he found out his son Cole was dying of a rare condition that required chemotherapy and eventually an expensive bone marrow transplant ($25o,000). Because the family had lost it’s health insurance, they were forced to sell off all of their possessions as well as asking friends and even celebrities for help, but in the end they were still $150,000 short of paying for the operation and the expensive treatment that would follow. That’s when a dealer Mr. Jackson knew offered to pay him to transport drugs from California to Texas for $5000 per trip. Jackson made the journeys for a year before being caught.

Via RT:

“I was desperate,” Jackson told Salon. “I had to get the money. Before I had kids, I’d never known there was a love like that. Once you have kids the whole game changes. There ain’t nothing you wouldn’t do for them especially if they’re sick.

The Real Breaking Bads