There Is No One Size Fits All Approach to Alcoholism and Recovery

We know that Alcoholics Anonymous, nicknamed AA, works for so many people. It really does, and you’re kidding yourself if you believe it doesn’t. Thousands of people after going through some type of rehabilitation program have moved on to a 12 step program and succeeded. The problem with addiction, and alcoholism in particular, is that there has never been, nor will there ever be, a one size fits all solution for every single alcoholic. Some people respond to “the God talk”, others to a more spiritual but not overtly religious message. Others still prefer the comfort of psychology and science to aid them in their recovery. The point is, don’t knock it, but don’t resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to have to force yourself to believe in something you just  can’t  in order to get well.Read the rest »

The Blue Light of Death: With the World At Our Fingertips Why Would We Look Away?

Sometimes it’s a fantastic idea to take a break. I’m taking a break right now from writing about more serious addiction issues like alcoholism and illicit drug use to touch on one of the most widespread addictions (if you consider it one) facing not just the west, but third world countries as well. Those blue lit screens we are glued to, we just can’t take the time away from them that we should because in the past few years the whole world has become available, and presented, to us on screens in varying sizes. Nearly all the world’s information is at our fingertips, the same goes for entertainment and communication, it’s truly impressive isn’t it? It is. There’s no doubt about that, but to quote an old, and imaginary friend of mine, “with great power comes great responsibility”.Read the rest »

You Love an Addict, But Addiction is No Push Over

The complexities of both the physical and mental aspects to addiction continue to baffle those of us who aren’t educated on the issue. I’ve been blogging about addiction for over two years now, and while I’ve gained some general knowledge, and have read countless internet articles about a wide variety of addiction issues, I confess that I still know very little. Perhaps the internet wasn’t the best place to look, and perhaps my lack of knowledge is simply because I am not a psychiatrist, a doctor that specializes in addiction, or a trained addiction counselor. What I do know, is that with the absolute rampant drug use in areas of our country that many of us thought were immune to such things, families and friends of those addicted to drugs and alcohol are becoming increasingly overwhelmed.… Read the rest »