Will Trump Cure Addiction? Part I

Is it possible that on his days off from the golf course and time away from locker rooms that the new American president will be able to establish a legacy of having fought brilliantly against the  most threatening epidemic to Americans since AIDS? In fact, the comparison between AIDS and opioid addiction isn’t fair. AIDS killed and will continue to kill less people. The growing problem of opioid addiction is a peculiar phenomena that has roots in science, society and economics, and that makes it difficult for anyone but the leader of the free world to make game changing decisions when it comes to how to address the issue.


Addiction to opiates of any variety is a widespread concern. It isn’t just liberal elites who are taking a few too many pain pills with their exquisite glass of wine in the evening.Read the rest »

Laughter Therapy for Addiction

Recently, ‘laughologist’ Albert Nerenberg has been receiving a great deal of attention for his documentary Laughology, premiering earlier this month at Toronto’s HotDocs.

At Sobriety.ca, we have been lucky enough to work with Albert regularly with our laughter therapy sessions. Although perhaps a more experimental and non-traditional form of addiction therapy, all of our clients who have tried it have found it a beneficial component of their treatment.

In our experience, a laughter therapy session brings the client out of their shell, allowing them to interact on a new level, and helps them find the light once again.

Discover the power of laughter:

Please share with us your thoughts and experiences with laughter in your own recovery.… Read the rest »