Boredom TV documentary featuring Sobriety can be downloaded

Boredom, the acclaimed documentary with scenes shot at is now downloadable on the internet. The film, the first on the science of Boredom, makes the case that boredom can be factor in drug addiction and high risk behaviours.

Directed by resident Laughologist, Albert Nerenberg, Boredom has

been called “hugely entertaining” (The Montreal Gazette) and “revolutionary” (Mike FM). The film makes the case that boredom is actually a stress condition.  In scenes shot at Sobriety’s, recovering addicts explain that boredom plays a key part on the road to addiction as well as in the risk of relapse.

The film was originally commissioned by the Documentary Channel.
To download Boredom go to:
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Can you get high without drugs? Altered States: Provocative new show inspired at Sobriety Home

if you could experience the positive sensations of drugs without doing them why would you do drugs?

That’s the idea behind a provocative new live show playing at a major film festival, partially developed at Sobriety Home, a drug treatment centre in Huntingdon Quebec.

Altered States by Cinematic and Hypnotic Means plays Montreal’s biggest film festival, le Festival du Nouveau Cinema, October 19th, and makes a shocking promise.

“People can experience many drug sensations without the lethal risks of drugs,”  said Laughologist and award-winning Filmmaker Albert Nerenberg, who leads the performance.

Nerenberg told he got the idea for the show while working at Sobriety Home Drug Treatment Centre in Huntingdon, Quebec.

“I was surprised to learn that a lot of addicts believe there is only one way to feel good or high and that’s of course with drugs,” he said. … Read the rest »