Post-Treatment Programs; Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab


Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Program AftercareWhen the time comes when you’re ready to leave us, just like your addiction treatment program, we will tailor your Post-Treatment Program to best suit your personal needs, including a special surprise on your graduation day. Our goal is for you to feel prepared for your new life, ready to take full-advantage of this amazing chance, armed with a clear exit plan.

When you are ready to leave us, you will feel comfortable and safe in your decision, confident in your new arsenal of tools to stay sober in the real world for years to come.

Welcome to the first day of your new life. We look forward to celebrating it with you!

Post-Treatment Exit Plans

Alcohol & drug addiction treatment programs at Sobriety Home Addiction Treatment CenterPost-Treatment Exit Plans, as part of our Post-Treatment Program, differ from person to person, based entirely on each client’s needs. We are here to help you embrace your new life, creating an effective strategy to address exactly what you need to get started.

Exit plans help you reintegrate back into your life.

We can arrange a stay at a sober living environment or halfway home if you aren’t ready to return home, or help you move back into the family home. We can help you write a stellar resume, or identify your strengths, skills, needs and wants to set you on the right career path. We can help you to look into different programs and schools to attend, or simply find a new place to live.

Our exit plans also often include introducing you to an AA or NA network near your home so that you can continue to work the program and find a supportive community near you. We want to leave you with a clear plan and the right resources to carry it out.