Addiction Treatment Aftercare Program

Aftercare at Sobriety Home Drug & Alchohol Rehab CenterWhile you may be leaving us, it doesn’t mean the end of our relationship. Our entire dedicated staff remains available to you after you’ve left the Sobriety Home Drug Rehab & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center grounds. We encourage you to keep in touch, updating us on your progress. In times of desperation, when everything seems dark, we want you to reach out and call. Often times, the very sound of a familiar voice can mean the difference between your sobriety and falling back into your drug or alcohol addiction.

You can always trust our staff to be supportive, helpful and encouraging to support your ongoing journey to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Since we often forge a strong relationship with our clients; we like to keep tabs on how you are doing and offer friendly advice.

What Happens after Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

We are working hard on expanding our Aftercare Program, creating new and better ways for us to keep in touch. There will be much more to come in the upcoming months. In the meantime, though, please visit The Sobriety Home Blog regularly for the latest in addiction news, recovery stories, and more. We encourage you to share with us your insights and experiences, contributing to the online conversation and helping to create a safe resource of support.