The Sobriety Home Team

At Sobriety Home, we carefully choose the members of our team in order to provide you with specialized treatment. Our staff members are your partners in your sobriety.

  • Catherine Cosgrove
  • Laurie Bedard
  • Portia Dahl
  • Kathleen Rattigan
  • Sky Bellefleur
  • Julie Gergely
  • Leslie Huggins
  • Leslie-Ann Hines

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Catherine Cosgrove: Director of Sobriety Home

  • M.A. Counselling Psychology
  • Graduate Certificate in Addiction Research
  • Certified in Hypnotherapy
  • EMDR Trained

Catherine Cosgrove has over 20 years of experience in the field of addiction treatment. Prior to founding Sobriety Home, Catherine was the Clinical Director of a residential substance-abuse facility for seven years, where she treated federal inmates prior to release into the community. While there, she also led specialized groups dealing with in female substance abuse, and was responsible for conducting counseling sessions with family members of the residents.

Catherine believes in treating the whole person. She teaches meditation to the residents of Sobriety Home as a means of finding self-awareness. She believes in the benefits of relaxation and stress reduction techniques as a substitution for self-medicating with drugs.

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Laurie Bedard, M.A.,C.: Addiction Therapist

  • M.A.,C. Counselling Psychology
  • B.A., Major, Psychology
  • B.Ed., Elementary and High School General

Addiction Therapist Laurie Bedard, M.A.C., heads up both the individual and group therapy sessions at Sobriety Home. She works primarily in the areas of cognitive-behavioural and exposure-based therapies. Laurie’s focus, especially during the first phases of your sobriety, is to provide a cognitive and behavioural reframing process. In her former life, Laurie worked as a private counselor for children with anxiety disorders, adolescents with substance abuse and/or oppositional-defiance disorders, and as a teacher for troubled youths in a transitional program. Her areas of specialty include neurobiology of affliction, positive psychology, mood disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and relapse prevention.

Laurie believes dearly that a counselor must, above all else, be supportive, directive, and action-oriented.
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Portia Dahl, M.A.: Creative Arts Therapist

  • M.A., Creative Art Therapy
  • B.A., Applied Human Sciences
  • B.A., Political Science & Legal Studies
  • Certificate: Suicide Intervention

Portia Dahl, M.A., has worked as an addiction therapist and mediator for restorative just cases for over seven years. At Sobriety Home, she provides both group and individual therapy for clients, specializing in restorative justice, post-treatment recovery, conflict resolution and anger management, anxiety and stress management, family of origin issues, and other such relationship issues as co-dependency, domestic violence and dysfunctional family patterns.

For Portia, the use of creative art therapy is a way of illustrating material and enhancing the therapeutic process by promoting catharsis, leading clients to experience insights, creating long lasting change. Although many can be apprehensive participating in creative art therapy, Portia’s soft approach relaxes new clients, allowing them to learn, open up, and, most importantly, have fun.

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Kathleen Rattigan, M.A.: Meditation & Spiritual Counselor

  • M.A., Metaphysics
  • Diploma – Adult Psychology
  • Diploma – Nutrition

Kathleen Rattigan, M.A., Sobriety Home’s Meditation and Spiritual Therapist, also specializes in grief counseling. Through the use of meditation, guided visualization, positive affirmations, and other advanced and modern teachings, Kathleen facilitates the development of becoming mindful, reconnecting with one’s inner self, learning to be comfortable in stillness and reclaiming the ability to unwind in a natural way. Kathleen’s focus is natural relaxation techniques to relieve stress and/or anxiety, and to develop effective communication skills to explore negative family dynamics.

Meditation teaches clients to transform fearful and negative thoughts into a positive and life enhancing energy. Group mediation sessions with Kathleen provide a forum for open-minded discussions on how spirituality enhances feelings of physical, emotional and mental well-being, and creates a healthy and easily-maintained life practice that clients can carry with them post-treatment.

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Sky Bellefleur, M.A., Certificate: Native Spiritual Counselor

  • M.A., Certificate in Community Economic Development

Sky Bellefleur, our Native Spritiual Counselor at Sobriety Home, having been trained by Elders, was worked with a sweat lodge and healing circles for 20 years. Prior to joining us, Sky was the Director of PAQ—a sheter for Aboriginal and Inuit People with severe and chronic addiction problems. Her areas of specialty are healing conjugal violence, family dynamic issues, lateral violence and the effects of living in residential schools, generational trauma, and addiction and recover

Sky’s experience with addiction began as a personal one. “My family had generational alcoholism and I myself am 22 years in sobriety,” she says, “so my approach is from this perspective.” She approaches clients through a Healing model, based on Traditional Aboriginal Medicine Wheel teachings with emphasis on self-care, respect, honouring the self, families, truth, and ethics.

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Julie Gergely, RYT: Yoga Instructor

  • Hatha Yoga Certified/Registered with Yoga Alliance
  • 10 years professional experience

Julie’s approach to a hatha yoga practice is gentle-heart with a focus on cultivating inner peace and clarity. Students at Sobriety are encouraged to work at their own pace, learning to honour their bodies. A typical practice includes breath work, strengthening and stretching postures, and ending with deep relaxation. Along with the obvious physical benefits of building strength and increasing flexibility, yoga also helps detoxify the body, improve immune function, foster psychology equanimity, and promote spiritual well-being—naturally complimenting other forms of treatment.

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Leslie Huggins, B.A.: Fitness & Leisure Counselor

  • B.A Leisure Studies

At Sobriety Home, through his physical training, Leslie educates clients about positive leisurely activities, thereby teaching alternatives to drug and alcohol use. His instruction assists clients to achieve healthy balance their lives, between work, family, friends, and leisure. Before coming to us as our Fitness & Leisure Counselor, Leslie has also worked as an adult addiction counselor, a youth-at-risk counselor, and fitness instructor. Leslie specializes in therapeutic recreation, leisure studies, and health and fitness training.

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Leslie-Ann Hines: Reflexology & Shiatsu

  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu

Leslie-Ann Hine is a certified massage practitioner and member of the Fédération Québecoise des Massothérapeute, having studied in Montreal at the Dragon and Phoenix Shiatsu School and the Natural Health Consultants School.

Shiatsu benefits clients by helping them achieve deep relaxation, thereby allowing the body to rest and heal, build the immune system, releasing endorphins, and speeding up the detoxification process. Massages are personalized to the individual’s needs.

Reflexology, a relaxing foot massage with firm pressure, melts away stress and anxiety.

Leslie-Ann provides quality massage treatments with respect for each individual’s unique needs. Insurance receipts available.

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