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Recently, former head of the FDA, Dr. David A. Kessler, published The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatible American Appetite. As one who suffers from overeating personally, Dr. Kessler set out to explore the neuroscience behind the behavior–what drives us to unhealthy and unreasonable excess?

Dr. Kessler discovers that overeating, much like any addiction, is not a result of absent willpower, as so many diet-designers would have us believe. Much like any physical addiction, it is a biological challenge that needs to be managed, not cured.

Best known for his investigations into the tobacco industry and his allegations of intentional manipulation of nicotine in order to increase tobacco products’ addictive qualities, Dr. Kessler discovered many similarities with the food industry. The right combination of fats, sugar, and salt taps into the brain’s natural wiring, stimulating the reward system.

Substance abuse
is the same hijacking of the brain, triggering responses from the pleasure centre despite damage to the physical body. Substances, be it drugs, alcohol, or food, shifts the brain’s perception of what is desirable, thereby rewiring the brain.

In order to address the problem, attests Dr. Kessler, one must address the behavioral, cognitive, and nutritional factors. Moreover, you can actually use food to unlearn this behavior.

Catherine Cosgrove, Director of Heritage Home, has begun working with Dr. David Miller of Nutritional Strategies for Breaking Addiction, having become aware of his work through the UK organization The Brain Bio Centre. The centre studies and promotes the link between mental health and nutrition. Her work with Dr. Miller will only serve to broaden the staff’s understanding on the neuroscience behind addiction, further filling out our therapeutic offerings.

At Heritage Home, we believe that a healthy body lends to a healthy mind.

Addiction Treatment News: Addiction & Nutrition Linked Once More